5 week golf practice plan

This article gives you a golf practice plan to help you lower your scores. I have given you three skills games that you can implement into your golf practice schedule to start lowering your scores. Put these three skill games into your golf practice plan for 5 weeks and you will see the results on the golf course.

All of these golf practice games are extracts from the The Golf Insider Performance Diary. So if you want further develop your golf practice plan check the performance diary out with the link above, or by clicking on the image below.

golf insider performance diary preview
The Golf Insider Performance Diary gives you new practice ideas every two weeks. Over the course of 21 weeks you select, build and refine your own practice plan. You can even track your playing a practice stats week-by-week to see your progress. As a PGA pro it’s the book I wish I had when I was growing up.

Golf practice plan: Introduction

The are no secrets to getting better at golf. The key is to continually take part in focused, effortful practice. The issue is this – how do you know that you are getting better?

This is where a great golf practice plan comes in. A great golf practice schedule has three types of practice. You can read more about these different types of practice in this article.

In this post I will give you three skills games to get you going with building a great practice plan. These three skills games are a great way to take part in focused practice that allow you to track your progress week by week.

They also cover three key parts of your golf game – Enjoy.

Golf practice plan- Long game

Golf practice plan long game

Let us begin the process of improving your golf. We’re going to start by putting a key block into your golf practice schedule – long game skills games. Skills games are a critical, yet under utilised, type of practice by many golfers. This week you’re going to play Hugo’s range challenge.

Hugo is a Challenge Tour player who uses this game to practice his long game with purpose each week.

Here are the instructions:

Head to the range/practice ground with 40 balls. Create one of the following target zones at 200 yards (this can be a rough guess).

Easy: 20 yards wide

Medium: 15 yards wide

Hard: 10 yards

Pro: 5 yards wide

Begin with your Sand Wedge. Your aim is to strike a shot that lands within the width of your target zone. If you miss, try again with the same club. Once you succeed, move down to your next shortest club, a Pitching Wedge.

Your aim is to work your way through your golf bag, with the aim of landing each club in between the gap, before you move onto the next club – 9,8,7 iron… all the way through to your Driver.

You have 40 balls to complete this challenge. Your score is what club you get down to with your 40 balls. This is a great game to add purpose to your golf practice at the driving range.

Feel free to start on the easy level. This game can feel like a breeze until you get down to your longer irons!

Aim to play this game once a week. Best of luck and enjoy!


 If you wan to add in three other long game skills games to your golf practice plan click here.

Golf practice plan- Chipping

Think back to the last time you played golf. What are the types of chip shots that you wish to improve? It might be a high, short chip, or a longer chip and run. Pick a chip shot that you frequently face when you play.

Set a distance and type of shot then play the following game. Watch the video below, or follow the instruction below the video if you want a slightly tougher version.

On a chipping green set up the following:

Pick a hole and place a ring of tees round the hole at one 9-iron length. Place a second ring of tees another 9-iron length away. This should create one small (3ft) and one big circle (6ft), with your target in the centre.

Score points as follows:

In the hole = 4 points

Small circle = 2 points

Big circle = 1 point

The game – you have 10 shots from your chosen location to see how many points you can score. Add up your points after your 10 shots and write down your total.

Now go back to the same place and see if you can beat your original top score. When playing this game take note of your shot distribution. Are your chip shots finishing short/long, or to one side?

Use this information to refine your technique and decision making on your next attempt.

Fit this game in once a week into your golf practice plan. Ideally before you play.

Golf practice plan – Putting

golf practice plan putting

Another critical skill for improving your golf is solid putting. It can be tricky for club players to make time for putting, so I have a challenge for you. I want you to create a 5-10 minute putting drill you can play at home or before you play on the putting green.

The aim of this putting drill is simple – check your alignment and get focused on starting your putts online. For this reason it doesn’t matter if the surface or speed is unrealistic.

Follow this link to see my pro version of this game (it is seriously tough). However here are my key steps for you to start building your very own golf putting skills game.

Take a few balls and find a straight-ish putt on the putting green. At home you can use a small glass jar as a target.

Easy/Med: One putters length

Hard: Two putter length

You have 20 attempts to see how many putts you can hole.

If you wish to check your alignment, lay a club down next to your golf ball, ensure the club shaft points to the right edge of the hole/target. Then lay a second club parallel along your feet.

This is a crude, but useful way to check your alignment and swing path.

This game should take 5-10 minutes, but forms a critical piece of lowering your scores. Once you achieve 20 out of 20 on your chosen distance, move back to make it more challenging.

Aim to get this putting challenge in 1-2 times a week into your golf practice schedule. It’ll will really improve your scores.

Golf practice plan summary

Each week fit in the following to your golf practice schedule:

Hugo’s range challenge x 1

Chipping zone challenge x 1

Putting basics x 2 (10-15 minutes each)

If you want even more practice ideas and a way to track your progress on and off the course check out The Golf Insider performance Diary.

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Happy golfing.