The Best Putting Aids Reviewed [2022]

As a golf professional I wanted to provide you with a great resource when buying putting training aids. In this review we’ll cover the best putting aids on the market and I’ll explain how each will help you sink more putts.

Below is a list you can use to jump to a certain review. Or scroll down if you want more detail on how putting aids work – it might be worth a read.

Golf putting aids

Putting aids – read this before you buy

Putting aids don’t miraculously cure your yips, and they probably won’t make you putt like Tiger Woods over night either. But, if you get the right tools, they can prove very useful and can take your putting to a whole new level.

What most people don’t understand is that putting aids are designed to provide feedback on specific swing principles. Improving your swing principles will make you a better putter.

Before you purchase a putting aid you need to figure out the following – do I need to alter my alignment, posture, connection, grip or release? In essence, you need to know what putting swing principle needs attention. The second stage is to buy a golf putting training aid that gives you feedback on this specific principle.

If you have a posture or alignment issue, find a putting matt or mirror that helps you with setup correctly. If you release your hands too much through impact, then buy a putting aid that provides you with feedback on your release.

Work out the swing principles you need to focus on, then choose the best golf putting aid for you using the guide below. This may take some extra time, but it will be worth it when you are rolling in those putts for birdies and pars.


Ps – you can click on the titles or pictures to see products prices. These are affiliate links. If you click and purchase the product via these links it does not cost you any extra, but as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Please feel free not to use the links if you wish. Thanks and happy golfing, Will.

PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer

puttout pressure putt trainer pictured here in white is one of the hottest putting aids on the market

Let’s kick off with the hottest putting training aid currently on the market. The Puttout Pressure Putt Trainer is a putting aid that provides you with a great way to improve your putting on the putting green and at home.

The design aims to mimic a real golf hole – putts that hit the edge of the parabolic ramp fall off just like a ball would lip out in real life. Only putts that roll up the centre of the ramp will roll back down.

The pressure trainer also has a mini hole on the ramp, allowing you to dial in and increase your practice difficulty. Trust me – getting a ball to stop in the small hole is even harder than you might imagine.

Technically this training aid doesn’t provide you with direct feedback on your putting stroke. However, it does give you precise feedback on your shot direction and pace. This is a really useful tool if you’re looking to become more accurate but don’t have enough time to get to a putting green.

Buy if – you want a simple and effective tool to practice your putting at home. Also buy this if you’re looking to become a great putter. The mini target will really help you refine your accuracy.

Don’t buy if – you’re looking for a tool to directly improve your stroke mechanics – instead check out the putting arcs and mirrors below.

EyeLine Putting Rail

Eyeline putting rail. This putting aid helps you work on your swing path

The EyeLine putting rail is a great golf putting aid if you putt with a square-to-square putting style. The arc has an incline of 70º, matching the arc for most putters used for square-to-square putting.

putting training aids rail

Simply setup the putting rail at the left edge of the hole from 4-feet and hit putts using the rail to guide the putter head. This type of practice has the added benefit of keeping your club face square too – which is even more important for improving your putting accuracy.

As you improve, keep moving the putting rail further back to increase the difficulty of your putting practice.

PuttOut Putting Mirror Trainer

Putting aids mirror with rails

The PuttOut putting mirror is yet another brilliant putting aid from the PuttOut family. Great putters aim well and start their putts on line. The Putting mirror will quickly help you with both these skills.

The PuttOut putting mirror has simple alignment guides to help you check your eye, shoulder and club face alignment when setup. The putting mirror also comes complete with two magnetic rails that allow you to work on your swing path through impact.

The rails are adjustable – you can remove them, have them wide, or narrow them down to the width of your putter head. Personally, I feel this is a great touch and can add great feedback to your putting practice.

Are there any negatives? Not really, if you are looking for a putting aid that gives you feedback on your putting path back and through you may wish to check out the Eyeline putting rail and Putting Arc below.

All in all the PuttOut putting mirror is a great tool that will certainly help you become a better putter what ever your current standard.

Dave Pelz Putting Tutor

Putting tutor is featured as one of the best golf putting aids for golfers wanting to improve their start direction.

The Dave Pelz Putting Tutor is a favourite tool of a pro I work with. It focuses on improving your alignment and the start line of your putts. Begin by aiming the white line on the board with your target, then attempt to hit putts though the marble-lined gap at the front of the putting aid.

If you can get the ball through this gap, you can be sure you are ingraining a club face and swing path combination that works. Over time, you will build confidence and hole more putts.

Unlike the Putting Arc and Eyeline Trainer, the Dave Pelz Putting Tutor doesn’t directly tell you about your club face or swing path during your stroke. Instead it focuses on the start direction of your putts.

If you’re a feel player, or someone who doesn’t like to think technically about their putting stroke this is a great option for you.

Buy if – you want a simple device to give you feedback on putter face alignment and ball start direction. 

Don’t buy if – you need help changing your swing mechanics, or if you want to practice your putting from over 6 feet with this device.

Putting Arc

putting tutor putting arc in yellow featured on our list of the best golf putting aids

This is a classic putting training aid. Many golfers struggle to swing their putter on a slight arc (in-sqaure-in). As a result they have to manipulate the putter club face at impact, leading to all sorts of inconsistencies.

The Putting Arc golf trainer gives you simple, but effective feedback on your swing path. Furthermore, you can run the heel of the putter along the rail to ensure your club face stays square to the path throughout your stroke.

This putting aid, and variations of it, are favoured by many pros who use them to keep on top of their putting fundamentals as they tour around different events.

One point to note before you grab one – if you are struggling with your swing path, please do check your putting stroke basics (posture & alignment) and your putting grip in a mirror. These are the two biggest culprits for poor putting swing paths.

Buy if – you want simple feedback on your swing path, or you want to work on your swing path – club face relationship.

Don’t buy if – you want to putt square-to-square, check out the product below instead.

Eyeline Golf Putting Mirror

Eyeline putting alignment mirror. This putting aid can help with your setup, swing path and strike when golf putting.

This putting training aid is an old favourite of mine – I’ve used this training aid since I was 16 years old. The putting alignment mirror has changed over time. It used to have two big yellow rails on it, but these have been removed to make it more flexible for different players’ strokes.

The Eyeline Putting Mirror has many uses. It is great for club face and body alignment. Having the two tees positioned either side of the putter head allows you to work on your centeredness of strike. 

My favourite use requires all the other holes you see. If you are trying to putt square-to-square you can place two tees to create a gate in your backswing and follow through. This set-up gives you great feedback on your swing path. If you make a clean stroke through your alley of tees, and the ball starts off-line, you can be sure it was due to your club face angle at impact.

This drill allows you to dial in your club face angle at impact, while you control your swing path with the alley of tees.

For me, this is a great putting training aid that covers many bases. If you are on the lookout for a putting alignment mirror that can also give you feedback on your swing path and your strike them look no further than the Eyeline putting mirror.

Buy if – you want to build a square-to-square putting stroke, or you want a portable putting tool to check your club face and body alignment.

Don’t buy if – you want a putting tool you can throw down and get going with, it does take a little setting up. Also, don’t buy if you want to work on your swing path and club face, but putt on more of an arc. Instead, check out the putting arc above.

WellPutt Putting Mat

putting training aids wellputt mat

When I was compiling this list of the best putting training aids I didn’t expect to be including a putting mat. But, just take a second to hear me out. The WellPutt Putting Mat rolls well, is available in two speeds (pro ~ fast green surface, standard ~ club speed surface) and comes with a host of putting drills. 

But that isn’t why I’ve included it. A critical principle in becoming a great putter is to keep on top of your club face alignment. Poor aim and alignment at set-up mean there is little point trying to perfect your putting stroke.

I really like the strong white line this putting mat has running down the centre, but also the two dotted angled lines that allow some variability in aiming and putt direction. This is a great putting mat to keep your putting in top shape.

There is no sunken hole, but this doesn’t bother me. I like to use a drinks bottle that is slightly smaller than a golf hole as a target when putting indoors – there’s a nice psychological advantage when you get back out and feel the hole looks big.

If you like the look of this it might also be worth checking out the Perfect Practice putting mat.

Buy if – you want a great putting surface and want to keep on top of your aim and alignment.

Don’t buy if – you already have somewhere to work on your putting, or you are look for a golf mat with a sunken hole.

Pelz Putting O-Balls

putting training aids plez golf balls

Dave Pelz is back again in this list – boy he loves a training aid. I know these golf balls are a popular item so I thought I best give you a quick rundown.

As the above image suggests, you line these balls up along your intended start-direction. If the ball rolls end over end, you’ve made a square impact and the ball should start on your intended line.

If however you make a non-square impact, the golf ball will leave the putter face with some torque (spin). This spin will result in the lines rolling in any direction but straight.

In theory, this putting tool will give you feedback on your swing path and club face angle at impact. Both your club face and swing path at impact have to be square-ish to get the ball rolling end over end.

This does hold true for short putts on a putting mat and short putts on a good putting green. But if you’re faced with a bumpy green, best of luck…

As you move further away you will also need the correct loft and launch angle at impact to ensure the lines stay straight. This can be challenging from 15 – 20 feet, but if you are serious about improving your distance control you may find this putting aid of use.

Buy if – you want a non-technical solution to work on the quality of your impact position, or you are keen to work on your roll and distance control.

Don’t buy if – you only have poor quality greens to putt on.

What is the best putting alignment mirror?

The Eyeline putting alignment mirror and PuttOut mirror are both great options. Buy the Eyeline mirror if you would like to add tees and work in your swing path back and through. Opt for the PuttOutt putting mirror for a smarter design and/or you are happy with swing path feedback just through impact.

What is the best golf putting aid to improve my swing path?

The best putting aid to improve your swing path will depend on your putting style. If you prefer to move the putter straight back and through then check out the Eyeline putting rail – this is a great putting aid for this style of putting.

If you have a more rounded putting stroke then check out the putting arc. This putting aid is best for golfers who prefer an in-square-in putting style.

Can use these putting training aids at home and on the putting green?

Yes, with the exception of the WellPutt mat, all of the putting training aids can be used at home and at your local golf course.

If you putt from the same location over and over again on your local putting green with a putting aid you can leave some wear and tear on the green. A handy tip is to place your golf towel on the green where you plan to stand. This spreads the pressure and prevents you leaving deep footprints on the green.

Can launch monitors be used to analyse my putting?

The top of the range golf launch monitors, such as the FlightScope X3 and TrackMan has specific functions for analysing putting. However, these options are not present on the more affordable version, such as the FlightScope Mevo.

Best putting aids review – Summary

That concludes our best putting aids review. I hope it has been of use. If you would like any other putting aids reviewed please comment below and I will get my hands on them. For the best golf training aids and plane trainers check out this article. Or to learn more about the best putting mats check out this article.

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Many thanks and happy golfing – Will @ Golf Insider

To check out more golf putting articles, head back to the golf putting hub.

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  1. Great info.
    I have a putting mat with a strong white line. This has been great for the last couple of years. I putt to another ball or even my pencil sharpener to dial in.
    I use a Seemore putter and all this seems to keep me putting well.
    However, the item that may be required is a putting mirror.
    Thanks for your input.
    Ps Loving the Super Speed training. Roll in Wednesday!

    • Hey Matt,

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