GolfBuddy Rangefinder Aim L10V Review

The GolfBuddy Aim L10V is one of the most comprehensive and innovative rangefinders on the market. In this article we’ll provide a full review of the GolfBuddy rangefinder, its features and how well they perform.

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GolfBuddy L10V features

The GolfBuddy L10V rangefinder comes packed with features, modes, slope options and their u.s.p. – voice function. There is also a version of their rangefinder without voice, aptly named the Golf L10, click here for pricing. Besides voice options the L10 and L10V are otherwise identical in function.

GolfBuddy rangefinder modes

The GolfBuddy L10V comes with three modes – standard, scan and pin. For most golfers you’ll flip between scan mode off the tee and pin mode as you approach the green. The pin mode also comes with a handy vibrate function once the rangefinder has the pin locked in.

GolfBuddy viewfinder and magnification

The GolfBuddy L10 comes with 6x magnification, that can be controlled by rotating the eye piece. The magnification, along with the overlaid graphic gives you a crystal clear view of your target and all the info you need. In my opinion, the display is possibly the best on the market.

GolfBuddy rangefinder L10V viewfinder with yardages

Build & size

The GolfBuddy L10V is small, compact and offers a great design. This high-end experience continues with the accessories it comes with – a rangefinder holder, clip and cleaning towel.

GolfBuddy L10V usability

The GolfBuddy is really easy to use, switch between modes is a breeze and when you fire the laser you will instantly get the correct yardage. However, the pin-seeker technology just falls short of rivals like the Bushnell rangefinder collection. Where the Bushnell will instantly lock on, the GolfBuddy requires a little more hovering over the target to lock on. Both display the correct yardage instantly, but the GolfBuddy requires a little more thinking time to locate the pin.

GolfBuddy rangefinder accuracy

In a word – faultless. Compared to the Bushnell and other models the GolfBuddy L10V gives exacting results. One note I would add, is that the Bushnell still provides the best experience for locating pins over 200-yards, but this is a small concern for most golfers.

Voice feature

Last up we have the Golfbuddy’s L10V voice feature. When you lock onto the target you can set the rangefinder to say the yardage to the pin. Personally, I turned this feature off, as I am happy with the visual display.

However, my one use for it comes after I have zapped the pin. If you press the voice button up to 15 seconds after using the rangefinder has been used, it will repeat the yardage. I don’t know if I’m forgetful, or ‘in the zone‘, but I really do like this feature.

GolfBuddy aim L10V review

In summary, the GolfBuddy aim L10V offers golfers a great rangefinder, with multiple modes, slope and voice options. It rivals the top rangefinders out there. I wanted it to be perfect, but I feel is just falls short of on the pin-seeker tech compared to the Bushnell. In summary, a brilliant product for the price and one that will feature on our best golf rangefinders list.

Happy Golfing, Will @ Golf Insider UK

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