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Golfing Mechanics Podcast

The Golfing Mechanics podcast takes a deep dive into golf performance. We interview elite players, coaches and sport scientists to find out more about how we can improve the way we learn and play this great game.

The aim of the Golfing Mechanics podcast

We’re on a journey to find the information we both wish we’d had as teenagers trying to become elite golf professionals. This show is us asking the geeky questions to the experts and sharing this information with you.

We hope you enjoy it – we’ve loved creating each episode.

The content is long-form (30 – 60 minutes), we go offtrack, we get lost and we make mistakes. It is impossible to make content that will suit everyone, but this format allows us to find out some gems that we’d otherwise miss.

We’ll do our best to ask questions that other shows don’t, and dig deeper than any other golf performance podcast.

The Golfing Mechanics episodes

Use the links below to subscribe for all future episodes, or jump to a chosen show. If you like the show please help us by subscribing, liking and sharing – that’s how these algorithms work. The bigger we grow, the more awesome guests we can get for you all.


Listen on:

Episode 1: Hugo Dobson – Golf Professional, EuroPro winner & caddied at The Masters

Episode 2: Alison Lee – LPGA Tour player & played the US Open aged just 14

Episode 3: Kevin Kirk – PGA Coach of the year 2019 & coach to Major winners

Episode 4: Andrew Par – Life Engineer & former European Tour Player

Episode 5: Simon Dyson – 6 time winner on the European Tour & Performance Coach

Episode 6: Nick Pugh – Professional caddy to Tour Player & Former Playing Professional

Episode 7: Dr Sasho MacKenzine – Golf Biomechanist, Consultant & Co-founder

Episode 8: Doug Ghim – PGA TOUR Player, Former #1 Amateur in the World

Episode 9: George Cunningham – Korn Ferry Tour Player (University of Arizona)

Episode 10: Tom Boys – Performance Analyst & Lead Analyst for the Upgame App

Episode 11: Connor Returns from the British Open – Part 1

Episode 12: Connor Returns from the British Open – Part 2

The hosts

Will Shaw golf insider uk founder

Will Shaw, Sport Scientist & PGA Pro

Will is a PGA pro, with an MSc in sport & exercise science and a PhD in Biomedical Science, specialising in motor control. He founded Golf Insider UK in 2018.

He’s coached players of all levels, was a former county coach, university coach and has spent the past 11 years lecturing in motor control and biomechanics.

Connor Black playing for Texas A&M

Connor Black, Professional Golf Coach & Player

Connor is the lead golf instructor at Wild Cat Golf Club and a playing professional based in Texas. Connor played golf for Texas A&M University alongside Adri Arnaus and Cameron Champ.


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Will Shaw, PhD, MSc, PGA Pro

Will is a PGA golf professional, with a PhD in Biomedical Science and MSc in Sports Biomechanics & Psychology. He spent 10 years lecturing part-time at Leeds Beckett University and the University of Leeds in Biomechanics and Motor Control before becoming the Head of Golf for the University of Exeter. He currently runs Golf Insider UK, Sport Science Insider around wider consulting and academic roles in sport performance and motor control.

10 thoughts on “Golfing Mechanics Podcast”

  1. This is exciting! I love my golf podcasts and I enjoy Will Shaw’s Golfinsider. Great info, but….I can’t seem to download the show yet! Help, I need to listen whilst walking my dog on the course.

    • Thanks Matt,

      I love that I can’t get something on the site for more than a day before you find it! Monday 22nd March – Episode 1, then every Monday for 12 – 15 weeks if all goes to plan. It has been great fun and we’ve had some amazing guests so far. We’re just building out this page and all the backend bits ready for Monday.

      I hope it is a good listen.


  2. Listened to the first episode, well ‘what did I think?’ mmmm…..BLOOMIN’ BRILLIANT!
    I’ve added a review, but for anyone checking this page out, it was informative, helpful, thought provoking and very funny.
    Three pros chatting away, but with real enthusiasm and really letting there experiences help everyday golfers.
    I’m subscribed!

    • Thanks Matt!

      Thanks so much for the delightful review on Apple Podcasts too. I think from our chat you will particularly love episodes 4 & 5 coming out soon.

      Many thanks,


  3. Episode 3 with Kevin Kirk. Many insightful practice tips, the chat about strokes gained was really interesting. Kevin talking about Patrick Reed gave me a different take on Mr Reed. Then Kevin’s praise for yourself and Connor choked me up a little! Really heartfelt from a top coach who loves golf.
    Loving it.
    Keep it up.

  4. Love this! Looking forward to more. The discussions are so interesting, and all parties so articulate. The tone is warm, conversational, and fun, while the content is brilliant and insightful. I am a fan!

  5. Excellent podcasts Will, I have really enjoyed listening plus they fill my dog walk time- I’m in a world of my own.
    On a personal note thank you for zoom meeting me re my golf development plan, I’m so looking forward to putting your plan into real life – now that we’re finally out of lockdown.
    John K

  6. Hi Will,
    Loved the Alison Lee podcast. Particularly the comments about those pros who shoot 62 in practice rounds but never in competition. This is similar to some really good professional footballers who never seem to be able to repeat great performances in training on match day. They are often referred to as ‘practice match internationals’. I guess it’s the same in many sports.

    • Thanks Micky,

      I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the interviews. They’ve been great fun to put together, apologies for the belated response – it’s been a wild 6 weeks with other projects. However, check out the Doug Ghim and George Cunningham shows – both have some more great insight into what separates those that perform vs those who struggle.

      Thanks again.



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