Golf swing tips that will actually work

You, the golfer, now have access to more golf swing tips than ever before. This is both good and bad news. In this article I want to give you the best ‘golf swing tips’ I can from my 13 years as a golf coach – It is actually a 3-step process for building your golf swing and fault fixing. I also want to help you understand what to avoid with online golf tips. 

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Golf practice – The range vs the course?

Golf practice matrix for golf practice on the range vs the golf course

A common question golfers ask is – Should I practice on the golf range or the golf course? The swift answer is both, but there are two more interesting questions to answer that can really speed up your golfing development:

Q1: Why are these two environments different in developing your golfing skill?
Q2: How can you make your driving range practice more effective, and how can you make your on-course practice more effective?
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