What is Performance Coaching?

As I studied sport science and motor control I realised there were many simple reasons why parts of my own game reached near tour level standard, while others seemed a constant struggle.

I see these same traits in many amateur and professional players who are trying to get better. Doing 10 hours practice a week doesn’t magically make you better. Instead, your progress is a result of your weekly systems and processes.

If these systems are great, you’ll get better quickly and enjoy the process. If these systems are poor you’ll make slow progress and often hit times where you plateau or begin moving in the wrong direction.

Building a simple practice plan, underpinned by great systems and processes is at the heart of this service.

How is performance coaching different to a standard golf lesson?

Technique is important in golf, but technique only makes up a small part of why someone is a great golfer. Here we focus on the process of becoming a better golfer. We’ll give you tools and strategies to help you manage your own development.

This service is here to support your holistic development as a player.

We’ll discuss which areas of your game are most important to scoring. We’ll look at your strengths and how to make the most of them. We’ll also look at what is holding you back and create a plan to improve these areas.

Technique plays a part of this journey, but during these session we’ll focus on wider aspects of performance too.

How does it work?

There are three parts to the service:

  1. Player profiling
  2. Coaching call
  3. Performance plan

Player profiling

Once you’ve booked a time for our coaching call you’ll receive an email containing a player profiling form. It will take 5-10 minutes to complete, most golfers say this process alone helps them realise some areas they can use to improve.

Once completed, press send and all this data is sent across to me. This profiling helps me understand your golfing goals, current playing and practice habits and what you want to get out of the session.

Along with the player profiling form there are also details of how to send over any playing stats and swing videos for our call.

Playing stats

Your scoring is a product of how you perform in all aspects of your game. Playing stats help me understand what is going well and where there maybe some easy wins for improving your scoring.

A summary of your last 5-10 rounds works best. Ideally:

  • Fairways in regulation (%)
  • Greens in regulation (%)
  • Putts per round
  • Scrambling / Up and down (%)

Strokes gained data and direction of missed fairways and greens does give a richer picture, but isn’t a must. A quick note – all apps work out strokes gained data slightly differently so please send over the basic stats too.

If you don’t have any stats data don’t worry, the player profiling form gives me a good understanding of your current play.

Swing videos

Before our call you can also send over swing videos. These are particularly helpful if you want to improve a certain area of your game, such as, putting, bunker play or driving. One swing video from face on and down the line works well.

I want this service to compliment the work you do with a technical coach (if you have one), not replace him or her. We can discuss questions you have about your technique, consider how best to make swing changes and answers questions you have about how your technique may be affecting your performance.

After 10 years of supporting players as they travel around the world, I feel I cannot coach technique solely online as well as I can in person – hence why I would love you to have a local pro and us to focus on technique as part of your broader development.

Coaching call

We’ll use Zoom for our video call. You will receive a confirmation email with a link and a time once you have completed your booking. All you have to do is to click the Zoom link at the time of our call. You can use any phone, tablet or computer and do not need to have a Zoom account or any software for the call.

We’ll spend ~30 minutes talking about your game, your golfing goals, the data you’ve sent over and we’ll build a plan for your development. This process allows me tailor your performance plan so that it fits your schedule, facilities and targets all those small, but important details.

The one constant for all coaching calls is that we’ll start with your outcome goal, we’ll then create performance goals, and finally, develop a set of weekly tasks to help you achieve your goal.

We’ll also cover any other questions you may have about your game and how to improve.

Performance plan

After our call I take the notes I’ve made and build you a personalised performance plan. This outlines the most effective way to reach your golfing goal and highlights the key areas to focus on.

It will include a weekly practice plan, with core activities to complete each week. Finally, I’ll added extra notes around how to think, practice and play so you can get the most out of your golf-related time.

Example plan (click to enlarge)

Delivering your performance plan

Within 48 hours of our call I will email your personalised performance plan. You’ll receive a .pdf copy that you can printout or use on your phone. I will also send over a short video of me talking you through your plan and some of the finer details.

Finally, I’ll send over a video of our coaching call for you to download and refer back to if needed.

Who is this for?

This service isn’t for everyone. This is for golfers who practice once a week or more and have a strong desire to get better.

You could be a full-time player trying to reach your full potential. Or an avid golfer wanting to maximise your progress with a limited amount of time to practice and play.

I love helping passionate golfers of all standards.

What to expect?

I wish I had some secret tricks or magic that I will be sharing with you, but I don’t. Most of this process is based on common sense, doing the basics very well and a little know how.

What I’ve found is that this process helps players get better quicker and tends to make practicing and playing more fun.

How to book?

Click the button below to check available times. Calendly is used to manage all bookings and all payments are securely processed via Stripe. I currently have space for 10-15 golfers a month.

Who am I?

My name is Will, I’m a golf professional and sport scientist. To date, I’ve built up 15 years of coaching experience and 10 years working in elite sport science. For the past 10 years I’ve also lectured in Motor Control, Biomechanics and Sport Psychology.

I’ve been lucky enough to work with many elite athletes in and outside golf. I’ve been running the service outlined here (performance coaching) with professional golfers for the past 5 years, based on my collective coaching and sport science background.

How often should I book a coaching session?

It is up to you – this service is here to support your needs. I usually catch up with full-time professional players every 4 to 6 weeks. Many amateurs would benefit from one annual session at the start of the season to plan their goals and practice, and potentially another session mid-way through, or towards the end of the year to plan off-season training and development.

If you are an amateur who is lucky enough to practice and play three or more times a week you may find a session every 2-3 months the right balance.

Feel free to get in touch with any questions – [email protected].

Happy golfing – Will @ Golf Insider UK