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Prime Putt Putting Mat Review – Is it Worth The Hype?

The PrimePutt putting mats are pricey but promote themselves as the number one putting mat for trueness and realism. Here we dive in to review the Prime Putt Putting mats and see how they stack up against their claims and other putting mats on the market.

Golf Insider Verdict

We cover where these putting mats shine and where they don’t quite match up to their competition. We break down our review into the following attributes that, we believe, create a great putting matt:

Before diving into the detail we will outline a few of the pros and cons first.


Pricey compared to other options

Some size options may need more space than available, especially if you prefer standing level with the ball.


The PrimePutt Putting mats are incredibly true. In fact, they worked quite hard to make this feel like a real green on a golf course, and it certainly fulfills this promise.

The PrimePutt Putting Mat is made with a premium 1/2″ nylon turf. In addition, they incorporated their roll-flat technology so it lays flat any surface. Whether you have carpet or tile underneath, the thickness of the mat, combined with the technology of the materials, will ensure you get a true roll on your putts.

PrimePutt Putting Mat trueness
A quick look at the Prime Putt roll. There is a slight slope on our Golf Studio floor that you can see the ball take as it slows.

I’m very particular about putting mats and how true they are. Any inconsistencies will hinder your ability to gain feedback and become a better putter. The PrimePutts surfaces are superb, now and again after re-rolling out this mat you may find small deviations in roll, but a simple brush of the surface with your foot and you’ll be back on track.


The speed of the PrimePutt putting mat is a little slower than most putting mats. On a Stimpmeter, we’d estimate this rolls at around an 8.5 or a 9.

Personally, I think this is a good thing because many golf courses are around this speed, helping you transfer your skill onto the golf course. However, if you belong to a private club where the greens get super quick over the summer, you might find the PrimePutt a little slower than your greens.

On the Prime Putt website, the speed of the putting mats is said to be between 10 and 12, but in side-by-side testing with the PuttOut, Perfect Practice and Me & My Golf mats we’d say they come in a little slower.

However, the surface you place this on will make a small difference to the putting speed. Hard floors underneath make putting mats quicker, whereas thick carpets underneath slow them down. Most thin putting mats are affected by the surface below, but the thicker PrimePutt mats are more consistent across different surfaces.


There are a few sizes available for the PrimePutt putting mats:

The putting mats that we tested were the 3′ x 9′ and the Compact 1.5′ x 9′. The compact is great for small spaces but requires you to stand to the side of the mat while you putt. Personally, I find this to be a slight negative, as you’re 1/2 inch below the putting surface. However, this isn’t a major drawback if you are opting for this model.

The vast choice of size options from PrimePutt has you covered with whatever space you have. The 3′ x 12′ is a great option if you have the space and means you can stand on the putting mat, aim straight, or mix things up with 3 different cups to putt to.

The XXL wasn’t in our testing but, strokes gained data shows how important putting conversions are from 5-15ft and offers a great option for those wanting to practice across this distance at home – something not many other putting mats offer.


The PrimePutt putting mat quickly rolls up making it easy to store away to take on travels. The only issue to keep in mind here is that this is heavy compared to most mats, particularly with the bigger-sized mats. With its thickness, it’s not the most portable option on the market.

However, when you lay it out flat again, the mat returns to its original shape, and the roll is not impacted, thanks to this weight and thick structure. For a realistic putting mat, the portability is quite good.


The combination of speed, texture and trueness makes hitting putts on the PrimePutting mats highly realistic.

Another feature here that helps with the realism is the design of the cups on the PrimePutt. The cups have a slight ring around the backside that mirrors putting on a real green, firm putts in the center stay in, but the graded lip means your pace control has to be better for your golf ball to fall in the edge of the hole.

PrimePutt golf holes from behind

When I first installed the cups, they felt slightly flimsy, however, once they are in place, they work very well. When you return to the course, the traditional golf hole will feel just slightly more forgiving, which I like.

As we mentioned, the compact version loses some realism, with your feet slightly below the ball, but this isn’t a major issue.

Technical Development

So far, the majority of my PrimePutt putting mat review has been overwhelmingly positive. However, here’s where I have to say it loses a few points against some competitors. My main goal when using a putting mat is to work on technical aspects of my putting. Face aim, body alignment and start direction are three factors that are tricky to practice on sloping and untrue greens. Therefore, I look for a putting mat that can offer clear feedback on these points.

The PrimePutt has no alignment lines, making working on certain aspects of putting technique more challenging.

Does the PrimePutt look nicer without lines and writing all over it? Absolutely. If you are going to add this to your home or office as decoration, it’s a great-looking mat. However, for the price, I’m after the best putting mat on the market.

PrimePutt has installed markers along the edge to mark every few feet. This can help for quick practice from a certain distance, but overall this is not a very technically advanced mat when it comes to working on your putting stroke.

In addition to all this, it can be helpful for determining the best golf ball for putting or to test different types of putters to see which one feels better.


The PrimePutt mats are expensive, but they are high quality and bigger than other indoor putting mats. For comparison, the slim version (a similar size to the Perfect Practice, PuttOut & Me & My Golf putting mats) is $/£50 more. The larger sizes are 2-4 times the size and come in at 3x the price of the mats listed above.

From this perspective, they are expensive, but represent good value, considering the size and quality of the putting surface you are buying.

Another key driver in your thinking should be the lifetime value. A high-quality putting mat will last you years. You’re unlikely to wear this out and the only time you’ll be buying a new mat is when you feel like a change.

Golf Insider Verdict

The PrimePutt mats are some of the most expensive indoor putting greens on the market. However, considering their size and quality of surface, they do offer great value.

If you are after a true, realistic putting surface for your home, that looks great, this is a great pick. The compact version is a superb choice for the side of an office or bedroom, and the larger putting mats are great if you have the space.

If you are after a putting mat for more technical practice and feedback on your aim and start line, then you will need to supplement this with a putting training aid or look at other putting mats on the market that come with inbuilt lines and guides.

Who Would Benefit From PrimePutt?

Here is who we feel will most benefit from what the PrimePutt has to offer.

  • Serious players who recognize differences in trueness and roll will appreciate the quality of the PrimePutt putting mat.
  • Golfers who want to practice up to 13-14 feet and have a variety of targets.
  • Golfers who want a great-looking mat to leave out in their home and continue to practice on day in and day out.
  • Players who struggle to get out to the course enough because of weather conditions and want a realistic winter surface.

Putting mat alternatives to consider

For a full rundown of the best putting mats click here. However, one alternative you may wish to consider are the WellPutt putting mat range these are thinner, have a better roll and are cheaper, but they are not as good for outdoor use and will need to be kept inside.

If you are looking to practice break putts, you could consider the Breaking Ball putting mat, or the new AirBreak Putting mat by PuttOut.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions golfers have asked so far; if you have any others for me, feel free to comment below.

Can you use the PrimePutt putting mat outdoors?

The PrimePutt putting mat can be used outdoors. PrimePutt claims that the materials used to create these putting mats are the same used on outdoor practice green installation, thus meaning it should be fine in all weather conditions. If you want to keep it in prime condition though, we’d recommend storing it indoors.

How do you maintain and care for the PrimePutt indoor putting green?

The PrimePutt indoor putting mat should not need any maintenance as a real green would. You can vacuum the mat from time to time to ensure it is dust and dirt-free, but other than that, you might need the odd brush with your hand or foot when first unrolling the mat.

Is the PrimePutt putting mat ok for a house with dogs and kids?

PrimePutt realized the reality of many golfers’ situations and made the mat both kid and pet safe. If your kids want to practice putting or your dog finds a unique spot to take a nap, the PrimePutt still holds up well.

Happy golfing – Will @ Golf Insider

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