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“A 3-foot missed putt counts the same as having an air shot with a Driver. Putting should never be underestimated if you wish to improve your golf.

Golf putting aids review

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How to putt like a god

Excuse the title of this putting article. It will provide you with a great overview of putting mechanics, putting practice and how to think in order to become a great putter. A great place to start to improve your putting.

Putting tips to lower your score

golf Putting tips fundamentals ball impact

This article on ‘putting tips‘ covers the fundamentals of a great putting stroke. You’ll learn the key factors to control at impact to help improve your accuracy and master your distance control.

How to putt well under pressure

Putt well under pressure game

This article covers putting mechanics, putting practice and how to think to improve your putting under pressure. Being a great putter is useless if you can’t perform when it counts.

Putting aids review

golf putting aid review eyeline mirror

Check out this article if you’re interested in putting aids, how they work and what ones are best for you to improve your putting.

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