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Rife RX5 Complete Set Review

When you are looking at purchasing a complete set of golf clubs, you have to be realistic about what you are getting. Complete sets are a package put together to give golfers the best value and the easiest purchasing experience.

Rife is a golf manufacturer well known for their putters, but they do produce other golf clubs. The Rife RX5 Complete Set is built for beginners and high handicappers looking for an affordable solution.

We tested out the Rife RX5 Complete Set and found there were some good things about the package as a whole. However, there are a couple of negatives too compared to slightly higher-priced alternatives.

Let’s jump in!

Rife RX5 complete set review

The Rife RX5 set comes with a driver, 3 wood, 4 hybrid, 5 hybrid, 6-PW, SW, semi-mallet putter, stand bag, and headcovers. You can also purchase the Rife RX5 sets in either steel or graphite – note, in both sets the woods and driver have graphite shafts, the steel or graphite refers to the iron shaft options.

Rife RX5 Driver in 10.5º loft


On Paper the driver sounds like every beginner’s dream – it is a 460cc clubhead with a non-adjustable hosel. It has a lightweight feel and an aerodynamic clubhead to help increase ball speed and distance. Although the driver has a low center of gravity position, in testing, it lacked forgiveness compared to higher-priced alternatives (we cover alternatives later on). Distance was okay with this driver, but lagging behind compared to higher priced beginner sets.

In context, we found a 5-6 yard drop off on well-struck drives vs the Cobra Fly XL driver and a 10-yard drop off when we miss hit both. Not the end of the world, but worth noting in our review.

Fairway wood

Rife RX5 Fairway wood in 15º loft

The steel and the graphite RX5 set come with a 3 wood. This is a 15-degree 3 wood that does have a relatively high launch, even for the slower swing speed. The head shape was designed to improve overall turf interaction and the top-down look inspires confidence.

The issue again with the 3 wood was the total distance. It is not bad but lacks the powerful feel of higher prices beginner set. We should note, we notice these differences as coaching professionals, but for most beginners, these will still feel pretty impressive.

Now let’s get onto where this set really shines.

Hybrids & irons

Rife RX 5 Complete set irons, hybrids and wedges

The hybrids blend in well with oversize irons. The hybrids are slightly more forgiving than the fairway wood and driver and are a much better option for beginner golfers who are used to old-fashioned 3 and 4 irons.

The irons have an undercut sole that helps improve overall forgiveness and impressive looks and durability. These are standard cavity-back game improvement iron, that generate a good amount of ball speed and distance.

There are two wedges in the Rife RX5 set a pitching wedge and a sand wedge. The wedges have a chamfered back edge sole that helps improve playability. The spin rates and feel on both these wedges are good and better than most beginner golf sets.


Rife RX5 Putter with grooved face

The putter is a semi-mallet design with plenty of forgiveness built in. Rife included the Roll Groove Technology to improve the initial interaction with the ball and ease it moving toward the target.

We found the EX5 mallet putter easy to line up and the offset design further aids stability for off-center strikes.

The rest of the set

Rife RX5 stand bag and headcovers

The RX5 from Rife comes with a lightweight stand bag. Whether you purchase the steel irons or the graphite irons, you still get the stand bag. It has a 6-way divider, and three of them are full-length. There are also 5 zip pockets to keep yourself organized.

There are a few headcovers, including the driver, fairway woods, and hybrids, to keep your clubs in great shape.

Golf Insider verdict

We always try to provide the most honest and detailed reviews we can on Golf Insider UK. Looking back it feels like we’ve been a little harsh on the Rife RX5’s. They are good, better than similarly priced or cheaper alternative beginner sets, but with a little extra spend you could get a set with better-performing woods and driver.

Overall, if you are looking for great performance in your iron and wedges, the RX5 could be a good fit for your golf game. The oversized irons are easy to keep straight, and they have impressive distance. Where the set lacks a little is in the driver and fairway wood.

The putter is great, and the stand bag and headcovers mean you have everything you need to hit the golf course. A great set for casual golfers and golfers shopping on a budget. If you are a mad-keen golfer or plan to play regularly check out the alternative options below.

Alternatives for beginner golfers

If you are concerned with the RX5 not having enough technology for you in the driver and fairway wood category, there are other options out there. One of our favorite choices is the Cobra FLY XL. Although these are priced slightly higher than the Rife RX5, the long-term value and overall performance are considerably better.

We recently purchased beginner men’s and women’s sets for the University of Exeter Golf programme and opted for the Cobra Fly XL sets over the Rife RX5’s and other alternatives.

In addition, Callaway makes two sets that can work quite well as a replacement. The Callaway Edge set is built a little more for the mid to high handicapper, and it features forgiving but great-feeling golf clubs and an impressive Odyssey putter.

The Callaway Strata Set is at the same price point as the RX5 but has a similar profile, with great irons, wedges and putter but the fairway woods and driver are lacking a little when it comes to distance and forgiveness.

Final Thoughts

Golf package sets like the Rife RX5 can seem like a great deal. However, before you invest, make sure that the technology is something that is going to fit your golfing journey.

For occasional golfers who aren’t sure they will stick with the sport, this set provides a good middle ground between performance and cost. For serious players looking to maximize distance from the tee, look at some of the alternatives above.

Happy golfing.

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