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Robin Golf Clubs Review

Robin golf clubs are a relatively new addition to the market where players can get a premium looking full set of golf clubs for a fair price. The question here is whether or not the clubs are just premium looking or if they have some ability to hit decent golf shots. We have tested the Robin Golf Clubs to see if these could be a good fit for your game.

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Robin Golf Clubs Features and Benefits

Robin golf club complete set

The Robin Golf Essentials Set is a package set of golf clubs that has the equipment that a player will need. This set includes nine clubs and has a really unique look to it.

What Is Included

The Robin Golf Essentials Set comes with a total of nine golf clubs. The clubs include . . .

In addition, you will also get a lightweight golf bag and a few headcovers to use on the putter and woods


The Robin golf clubs come with a graphite shafted driver. In the men’s set, this driver will have 10.5 degrees of loft and a stiff shaft. When looking at the titanium club head, the look is considerably better than other complete golf set options on the market.

This clubhead will look a bit more like a club built for intermediate players than beginners. The thing that stands out most about the Robin golf club’s driver is the adjustability. It is very rare to find a package set that has clubs with any kind of adjustability.

The dark black head of the driver does help to reduce glare and give a pleasing overall look. Players will find that the sweet spot is large, forgiveness is good, and distance is competitive but certainly not the longest on the market.

For those with a little less swing speed, it will make sense to increase the loft on that driver to improve overall forgiveness. With no shaft choices for players, this adjustability in the driver loft will help make it a better fit for a larger group of players.

Fairway Wood and Hybrid

The Robin Golf Essentials Set comes with a 15-degree fairway wood and a 20-degree hybrid. The idea with these two clubs was to bridge the distance between the driver and the 26-degree five iron. The 15-degree fairway wood is a great backup off the tee, and 20-degree hybrid can also be used off the tee or from the fairway and rough.

The fairway wood and hybrid both have a graphite shaft and stainless-steel heads. One thing we enjoyed was the large sweet spot and larger overall head size of both the fairway wood and hybrid. Although the black color makes the club head of these new clubs look sleek, the overall shaping is a bit bulky.

The center of gravity is low and towards the back of the club head and allows players to get the ball up in the air quickly with both the hybrid and the fairway wood.

Keep in mind that a full set would fill a gap between a driver and a 26 degree 5 iron with three rather than just two golf clubs. If you plan on adding extra clubs into the Robin golf set, you’ll be best to look for a 22-24 degree hybrid or fairway wood.

Irons and Wedges

The irons and wedges are our favorite part of the Robin golf set, offering good feel and forgiveness. With a value golf club like these, sometimes the irons have a harsh feel to them, or they vibrate quite a bit at impact. The 5, 7, and 9 iron are cavity back irons with stainless steel heads and black steel shafts.

From the top-down, the Robin’s set irons are relatively clean looking, but they are not thin enough that high handicappers and beginners will not be able to manage. The forgiving irons do a great job of getting the ball out of the rough, and the fact that there are just a few of these irons will help with overall concerns about distance.

By taking a typical iron set of about 6 clubs (3-iron to 9-iron) and narrowing it down to three irons, an experienced golfer would notice some issues with yardage gaps, but as a beginner, this is a good starter set and you’ll play a lot of golf before you find you’re in a need of more irons.

The pitching wedge matches the look of the affordable irons with the same stainless steel head. The sand wedge, however, has more of a premium look and is a blade style wedge. We like that Robin included this into the set, as the other irons don’t have much workability. However, around the greens, you will get more control with this sand wedge from the Essential Set.


The putter is a stainless steel putter milled from one piece of material. The milling helps to improve overall feedback and to increase the stability and pure feel at impact. High handicappers and intermediate players will find that for an affordable set, the putter is quite good.


The Robin golf clubs fall right in between the cost of premium golf clubs and the cost of cheap golf clubs. This set keeps the budget in mind, and for what you get, the pricing is pretty good. Grab some golf balls and tees and you’ll be ready to go golfing.

Just be aware of the fact that the iron set is not a full set; that’s the only issue when you look at overall value and whether or not you will need to add to the set in the future.

Everything Else

The golf bag is a narrow stand bag that almost looks a bit more like a Sunday bag. However, it’s a nice touch that they also include the bag in the package deal. Some golfers might prefer an 8 iron and a 6 iron instead of the bag, but that’s not how Robin decided to put this set together.

Robin Golf is starting to produce some sets that will allow you to turn your Robin Golf Essentials into a whole set of golf clubs. The choices will include things like the 4, 6, and 8 iron, and it probably won’t be long until we see some fairway woods and additional hybrids available for purchase.

Look and Feel

The overall look of the Robin golf set makes them an excellent choice for the player that is concerned with aesthetics. The black steel shafts take the set to the next level, and at first glance, these seem like an excellent price for the look of the golf clubs.

Our first impression when it came to feel was that there was better overall feedback than other package sets, and the club heads themselves were much more appealing, which led to a better overall experience over other sets.

This is still a mid-quality golf set, so you can’t expect it to feel like a TaylorMade, Callaway, or Titleist, even when you make great contact. However, for a new golfer looking for a first set, the overall performance and technology are quite good.

Distance and Power

When it comes to distance and power, Robin Golf is a good set, not great. The distance with the driver and fairway wood is strong, and the graphite shafts allow for a lightweight overall feel. However, when it comes to the irons, the distance is really hard to tell.

Golfers will find the clubs to be accurate and forgiving but not necessarily the longest. For most golfers that are shopping for this category of golf clubs, the distance the irons can produce should not be a major concern.

One of the things that we struggled with the most was the ability to hit a draw or a fade with the Robin golf irons. The clubs are forgiving, but they are not workable and won’t have that incredible feedback we expect from a modern golf iron.

Although some of the same materials used by top manufacturers are used in these clubheads, you won’t see much with carbon or tungsten – which are used in to top irons to find an extra 5% in performance.


There is very little customization available for the Robin golf club sets. They want to sell all sets the same way; the only really extra option you have is to purchase a few irons to fill in the gaps with the essentials set.

Customization at this price point is probably a bit much to ask. Although these are not cheap clubs, they are still considered to be a value type set.

Who Is It For

Most of the time, when we look at a value set like this, where all the clubs are sold as a package, we consider them to be the best golf clubs for new players. However, there is a bit more performance from the Robin golf set, and these can work well for those that travel and even the intermediate occasional golfer that is on a budget.

If you need a second set of clubs for golf at your brother’s house, or you are simply behind in technology and not ready to upgrade clubs for a few thousand dollars, then the Robin golf set could be a good choice. It’s hard for this brand to compete with top-tier brands, but they make a great alternative option.

Robin Golf Clubs Women’s Set

In addition to the men’s golf club set, Robin golf also offers an option for women players. The club set includes nine golf clubs . . .

  • Driver
  • Fairway Woods
  • Hybrid
  • 5, 7, 9, P
  • Sand Wedge
  • Putter

The set also comes with a lightweight and durable golf bag that will be easy for a woman golfer to lift in and out of the car, or to walk to the golf course.

Golf Clubs

The set makeup may be the same between the men’s Robin golf club set and the women’s, but they are not the same golf clubs. One of the first things you will notice is that the driver is a 12 degree driver instead of a 10.5, and it is no longer adjustable.

If you remember correctly, one of our favorite things about the men’s Robin golf set was the fact that it was adjustable, giving it more of the features that premium clubs would have. The loss of adjustability in the women’s driver was to help decrease overall weight, but it means women golfers are stuck with the 12 degree loft.

The fairway wood has 19 degrees of loft, and the hybrid has 25. This would be similar to a 5 wood and a 5 iron hybrid. All of the clubs come with a graphite shaft designed for a women golfer with medium clubhead speed.

With the putter, sand wedge, and irons, you can expect almost the exact same technology seen in the men’s set; the clubs are just slightly shorter and more lightweight for the women.


The Robin golf clubs have graphite shafts, clean lines, and plenty of lightweight feel to help the woman golfer get some extra distance in their game. These are not the longest or most forgiving golf clubs for women, but we did find that they will be a better fit for those looking for forgiveness than those looking for premium distance technology.

Workability is the Robin golf irons is not great, but the sand wedge provides plenty of performance and control around the green.

Who Is It For?

We don’t find the Robin Golf Essentials Set to be the perfect choice for a woman golfer. There are more forgiving options out there from Cobra, Tour Edge, and even Callaway Strata.

However, for the female player that is looking for a ready to go half-set of irons, woods, hybrid and bag, the Robin golf clubs can be a good choice.

Finding the right clubs for a woman golfer can sometimes be a bit more involved because of the set makeup and the fact that hybrids tend to be a better choice than a full set of irons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions that golfers need to consider when purchasing the Robin golf clubs.

Who makes Robin golf?

Robin Golf is an independent company started by a man named Andrew Marler and his wife. They were on a mission to make buying premium clubs easier, and their product does have a unique place in the current golf industry lineup.

Does Robin golf make junior golf clubs?

Robin golf has also released a set of junior golf clubs with some great looking clubs. These junior golf clubs are a little pricey if you have a kid that is not all that interested in the game. However, for the junior golfer that wants a better feel and clean lines, the Robin golf junior golf clubs could be a good solution.

Robin Junior golf set in a black bag

Are Robin golf clubs worth it?

Robin golf clubs are a great option as an upgrade from a beginner golf set, a solution for an occasional golfer or someone that needs a second set of clubs for travel or a vacation home. Overall the quality of the set is quite good; plenty of forgiveness and competitive distance will help make this a good investment.


Hopefully, you have a better idea of what the Robin golf clubs are all about and whether or not this would be a good set for you. The biggest downfall to the Robin set is the limited choices for shafts and length; if you fit inside the model of who these clubs were created for, you may want to give them a second look. For the price, the quality is quite good.

For more detailed reviews check out our main article on the best golf clubs for intermediates.

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  1. Probably good clubs, but I will never know it. They send me a lefties set, blamed Amazon ( Amazon send me the proof that the request was for righties and the answer from Robin was that they won’t answer me any correspondence. Not a good policy for a new company that is trying to compete with the great ones.


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