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Shot Scope G5 GPS Watch Review

Quick summary

This watch is highly accurate and provides yardages in real time as you walk the fairways (and through the woods…). It is comfortably light and stylishly designed, featuring a selection of 12 strap colours and a sleek, unobtrusive face. Despite lacking some premium features, the G5 is competitively priced at £149.99 and does not require a subscription, making it a cost-effective choice for golfers who value functionality and style.

Who is this for?

The G5 is for the average golfer in search of a budget-friendly watch option that provides the basic features necessary to help them navigate the golf course.

Who should look elsewhere?

If you’re looking to invest in a golf watch / smart watch that can do everything for you, then you should look elsewhere. Although the watch can be worn away from the golf course, its main functions are purely useful on the golf course. It is missing some premium features such as slope calculation, and the ability to record more in-depth statistics, so if you’re a more advanced golfer looking to gain a competitive edge with a new watch, this probably isn’t for you.

Golf Insider Verdict
Ease of Use76
Design/Build Quality90


Highly accurate

Extremely light

Comprehensive strap customisation possibilities

Good value for money


Lack of premium features

Sometimes tricky to operate

Not touchscreen


Weight: 42 grams

Diameter: 42mm

Thickness: 10mm

Battery Life: 4 rounds of golf

Strap material: Silicone with dust resistant coating

Lens Material: Hardened mineral glass


To test the accuracy of new GPS watches, we have to test them all in the same way. This is done by placing a golf bag at the front of the green, walking out to checkpoints at 50, 100, 150, and 200 yards, and measuring the difference between the yardage the watch provides and the yardage that the highly accurate laser rangefinder provides. We repeat this process three times and calculate the average error from that.

The Shot Scope G5 consistently delivered precise yardages, with an average error of ±1.9 yards. When walking it keeps up with you and quickly updates yardages continuously until you reach your ball. These updates and reliable measurements mean you can be confident when selecting what shot to play and with what club, therefore earning it high marks for accuracy.

Image of the G5 in action on the golf course

Ease of Use

Setting up the Shot Scope G5 was a very simple process, all I needed to do was download the app on my phone and connect my phone to the watch, via Bluetooth, and just like that, I was ready to get out on the golf course.

Playing golf was easy too, as the watch does everything you need it to do, giving yardages to front, middle, and back, as well as to hazards. As soon as you get to the green, the watch recognises this, and it automatically switches to the screen that allows you to mark you and your playing partners’ scores.

I did run into a little bit of trouble however, when I was doing the accuracy testing. I was switching between various holes and walking backwards down a few holes and the watch struggled to identify the correct hole. Changing hole was quite difficult since there is no specific button for this function, so I found myself spamming all the buttons until eventually I would get back to the menu screen, where I was able to change hole. I have to admit, this was a little frustrating and it seemed like there should be a much simpler solution, maybe there was, but I certainly couldn’t find it!


This is a category that the Shot Scope G5 truly excelled in! When I first picked up this watch after unboxing, I could not believe just how light it was, and since then, actually playing shots on the golf course, I was barely even conscious that I was wearing a watch.


The sleek design of the Shot Scope G5 combines functionality with style. Its large face facilitates ease of use, whilst not looking ‘over the top’, it could be mistaken for a normal smart watch. While primarily being a golf accessory, I found myself wearing this watch all over the place, at the gym, at home, just about anywhere. This was also partly because of the comfort element; I forgot I even had it on. It comes with two rubber straps, available in a choice of 12 colours. I opted for white and grey, as they complement virtually any outfit. The wide range of colour choices definitely enhances this watch aesthetically, therefore contributing to its high rating in terms of looks.

Image showing the various colour options for the straps

Design/Build Quality

On first impressions, the build quality seems to be up to a good standard, matching many of the other watches in its price bracket. Having only tested this watch over the span of a few weeks, it is tricky to truly know whether this watch will remain looking smart and fully functional despite the inevitable wear and tear over time. Given Shot Scope’s previous products and their longevity, I am confident this product will stand the test of time too.


Priced at £149.99, the Shot Scope G5 represents good value for money for golfers seeking quick and accurate yardages, on-wrist scoring, and a stylish design. The watch doesn’t give you all the premium features that more expensive watches offer, such as a touch screen display, swing analysis, or health and fitness tracking, but for £149.99, you shouldn’t expect it to! This watch doesn’t require a subscription, like some others do, making it a cost-effective investment for hopefully many years of reliable use.

Golf Insider Verdict

I really like this watch and I like the value it offers golfers. It does exactly what it is required of it, in a golf context, and nothing more. If you want a watch with extreme functionality and special features, you’re looking in the wrong place, and should expect to be spending a bit more cash, but if you want a watch that is going to do the job in helping to get you round the golf course, then this is the watch for you.

Alternatives to Consider

Golf Buddy AIM W12

This is an alternative for those golfers looking for a watch that doubles up as a smart watch. It offers fitness tracking features, a touchscreen and more advanced functionality for golfers looking for a little more from a watch. Click here to check out our article reviewing this watch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions about the Shot Scope G5. Hopefully, these can narrow down whether or not this is a device that will help your game.

How accurate is the G5?

When tested against rangefinders, the average error of theShot Scope G5 was ±1.9 yards. For the average golfer and even lower handicap players, accurate distances are a major selling point of this watch.

What’s the difference between Shot Scope’s G5 and X5?

The X5 has a touchscreen and it is an everyday watch as well as a golf watch. The G5 is just a golf watch, but does not perform performance tracking. The G5 is more customisable, allowing users to switch up their style with 12 interchangeable straps. It also only has buttons for navigation as opposed to a touchscreen on the X5.

Is a Shot Scope G5 watch worth the money?

The Shot Scope G5 is a great watch for a golfer looking for high accuracy without using a rangefinder. The digital scorecard is easy to use, and you can get simple and quick distances from hazards. These things make it well worth the money.

Does Shot Scope G5 have slope calculation?

Shot Scope G5 does not have slope calculation.

Can you use a golf watch in a tournament?

Yes, a golf watch can be used in a tournament, but if it has a slope calculation feature this must be turned off.

Happy golfing.

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