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Shot Scope Pro L2 Rangefinder Review

The search for a rangefinder under £200 can be challenging. However, Shot Scope have just made things a lot easier.

The Shot Scope Pro L2 is Shot Scope’s ‘budget’ rangefinder however, that’s not what we found when we tested it. In fact, the slope technology, accuracy, and optics were just as good as many of the top rangefinders on the market. Here we share how we tested the Shot Scope Pro L2 to its limits (quite literally) and what you need to know before buying it.

Quick Summary

The Shot Scope L2 follows on from the L1 aiming to offer all the functionality a golfer needs at a great price.

The L2 sees a huge jump forward in performance and accuracy compared to our testing of the Shot Scope L1.

For under £200 this is the most impressive rangefinder we have tested to date.

Only three rangefinders have ever scored 100% in our accuracy test, and this is now of them, it is quick and easy to use and has all the features you need.

The build quality is slightly below more premium rangefinders, but that is the only small fault we can find.

We highly recommend the Shot Scope L2 if you are after a low-cost rangefinder that offers exceptional accuracy.

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  • Distance Range: Up to 700 yards
  • Magnification: x6
  • Accuracy: ±1 yard
  • Slope Technology: Yes, with on/off functionality for tournament play
  • Vibration Feature: Yes, for target lock confirmation
  • Water Resistance: Yes, but not fully waterproof
  • Battery Type: Replaceable CR2-3V
  • Legal for Tournament Play: Yes (when slope is disabled)
  • Additional Features: Built-in magnet, scan mode for continuous measurement, display in yards or meters, adjustable eyepiece


It really doesn’t matter if a laser rangefinder is $500 or $150 if it can’t give you accurate data.

We tested the Shot Scope Pro L2 to a range of targets (50, 100, 150 and 200 yards) on our pre-measured range and against premium rangefinders. The accuracy of the Shot Scope Pro L2 was perfect, with not even 1 yard of error across the 12 test yardages.

This is the 3rd rangefinder to date to score 100% accuracy and the first under £300. Pretty impressive and well within the promised ±1 yard of accuracy.

Accuracy testing – Shot Scope L2

Target distance

50 yards

100 yards

151 yards

200 yards

Avg error (yds)





Percentage error (%)






There are new novel features in the Shot Scope Pro L2 but it offers you everything you need in a rangefinder. It allows you to swiftly move between seeking out the pin and scanning across different targets to locate trees and hazards off the tee.

It has slope function, and you can turn the slope function on and off for use in golf tournaments. Similar to the accuracy data, we found the Shot Scope L2 slope measures spot on when compared to the premium rangefinders out on the golf course.

The Pro L2 has a target lock vibration to let you know that you have found the pin and this vibration is swift and clear, letting you know when you are locked on.

The pin lock is very effective for all distances needed. We ‘stress-tested’ this up to 450 yards, at this point, it does start to struggle (understandably) and doesn’t quite keep up with its bigger brother the Shot Scope ZR. However, the pin lock function is well above most competitors in this price range.


The Shot Scope Pro L2 is surprisingly quick both in scan mode and when locking onto the pin. It does this really well without throwing in any rouge numbers, which is a common fault with other rangefinders around this price point.

Visuals and Optics

The lens on this rangefinder is excellent and competes with the best on the market. It also offers clear graphics that are simple to understand when trying to get your target number.

With 6x Zoom and a 700-yard range, you can have a clear and extended view for targets that are close and those that are far into the distance.


Shot Scope rangefinder Carry case on bag

The Shot Scope Pro L2 is very easy to use. There are two buttons on the whole device and that is all you need. The carry case has a zip and elastic cord combo, meaning you can quickly access the L2 during the round.

Shot Scope L2 cart magnet

And for cart golfers, the magnetic mount works really well and offers easy access to your rangefinder as you stroll off to find your golf ball.

Build Quality

Shot Scope L2 laser rangefinder drop test

The build quality is good, the nice rubbery, plastic compound gives this a good, grippy feel. However, the carry case doesn’t feel as premium as top-of-the-line rangefinders – but you are saving a huge chunk of cash here!

We aim to test rangefinders to their limits, just so you know what to expect. In the drop test (above) we simulate 3 heavy falls onto a bumpy, solid surface. The rangefinder experiences a sharp 30 – 60N in force with each impact (depending on contact time).

The Shot Scope L2 survived, and worked perfectly afterwards, but did lose a small piece of plastic that keeps the battery case closed. Still impressive and shouldn’t put you off buying it, just don’t go throwing it down cart paths.

The Shot Scope L2 claims to be water-resistant, and we again aimed to test that to the limit, putting it through 1 litre of water raining down heavily for 1 minute, followed by 1 minute of lighter rain.

Shot Scope L2 rain chamber test

It passed with flying colours – great news for UK golfers.


The Shot Scope Pro L2 is priced at £149 (and you can save a little extra with our discount code below).

In the budget rangefinder price range the Shot Scope L2 is:

  1. The most accuracy.
  2. One of the quickest.
  3. The easiest to use.
  4. Offers good build quality.

It also offers the same features as rangefinders two to three times the price. With this in mind, it offers super value.

Golf Insider Verdict

Golf Insider Verdict
Visuals and Optics97
Build Quality85

We test a lot of rangefinders, and as you can see we really push them to their limits. For the price, this is the best rangefinder we’ve tested to date. For most golfers, this is every bit as good as a £450 rangefinder.

The carry case and the build quality are slightly below premium rangefinders. However, when you look at what this unit offers for the price it is tricky to suggest you should look elsewhere.

Great work Shot Scope.

Shot Scope discount code: GOLFINSIDER

Alternatives to consider

GolfBuddy Laser Lite 2

If the Shot Scope Pro L2 isn’t for you, the Golf Buddy Laser Lite2 is the closest on the market under £200.

It is a similar price point and has many of the same features. You’ll get fast readings with the built-in ZST technology and a pretty good Pin Finder Mode.

However, it isn’t as accurate and it will pick up the background rather than the flag more frequently when you are out on the golf course.

Check out our Golf Buddy Laser Lite review here.

Shot Scope Pro ZR

The Shot Scope Pro ZR is the more premium, bigger brother to the L2. It offers superior build quality and the pin lock mode works from even further out. However, it is double the price of the Shot Scope Pro L2.

Check out our Shot Scope ZR rangefinder review here.


Does the Shot Scope Pro L2 have a slope feature?

Yes, Shot Scope Pro L2 has a slope feature, which you can turn on and off to make it a tournament-legal rangefinder.

Is the Shot Scope Pro L2 a good rangefinder for beginner golfers?

As a beginner golfer looking for your first rangefinder, it’s a good idea to keep features to a minimum and just look for accuracy. The Shot Scope Pro L2 is an excellent rangefinder for a new player because of its pricing and ease of use.

Does the Shot Scope Pro L2 come with a case?

The Shot Scope Pro L2 comes with a water-resistant case that can clip to your golf bag.

Does the Shot Scope Pro L2 have a cart magnet?

The Pro L2 Laser rangefinder has a built-in magnet that is plenty strong enough to secure it to a cart during your round.

Happy golfing – Will @ Golf Insider.

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