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Shot Scope Pro ZR Rangefinder Review

The Shot Scope ZR aims to offer golfers a premium user experience without the price tag. Here we test out those claims

The Shot Scope Pro ZR is a brand-new release to the rangefinder market. We got our hands on one of these and tested it on the course for a few weeks.

The Shot Scope Pro ZR comes in with a price tag of £299, at the lower end of the premium rangefinder market. It offers slope functionality, a distance range of up to 1500 yards, a cart magnet, dual optic modes all cased in a robust body.

Here we put it to the test to share how it truly performs.

Quick Summary – Shot Scope Pro ZR Rangefinder

The Shot Scope ZR is like the bigger brother of the Shot Scope L2.

It has all the features and functions you need in a rangefinder and in testing it was just one small mark off a perfect accuracy score, something only 3 rangefinders have ever achieved.

This rangefinder is really well built, it is super easy to use and on the golf course, the pin lock mode is one of the best on the market.

This is a great buy, you’ll love the rangefinder and Shot Scope give you access to some extra goodies to help you with your golf game.

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Shot Scope ZR rangefinder
  • Distance Range: Up to 1500 yards
  • Magnification: x6
  • Accuracy: ±1 yard
  • Water Resistance: Yes (not fully waterproof)
  • Battery: Replaceable CR2
  • Tournament Legal: Yes, with slope off
  • Additional: Ultra-clear LCD display, anti-slip rubber grip, conforms to golf rules, 24-month warranty, free GPS app access with the purchase of a unit, target lock vibration


The Shot Scope Pro ZR Rangefinder is near perfect when it comes to accuracy. We test all rangefinders to a range of targets (50, 100, 150 and 200 yards) on our pre-measured range and against premium rangefinders.

The Shot Scope ZR measured all targets perfectly, but consistent measured the 200 yard target as 201. This is well within the ±1-yard of error Shot Scope promise, and it puts it into the top 5 rangefinders we’ve ever tested in terms of target accuracy.

Accuracy testing – Shot Scope ZR Rangefinder

Target distance

50 yards

100 yards

151 yards

200 yards

Avg error (yds)





Percentage error (%)





Where the Shot Scope ZR really stands out is it ability to pick up the flag over the background in many on course situations. Even at over 400 yards you can grab the pin with a steady hand.


The Scope Pro ZR Rangefinder also has adaptive slope technology that can be turned on and off; making this a tournament-legal option. Not only does this work well, the button layout on the ZR is super simple.

The pin lock mode, that we would expect on a rangefinder on this price performs as good as the best in the market and should make it a big selling point for golfers who want to buy a rangefinder that will give them speedy yardages they can trust.

The standout or novel feature on the Shot Scope ZR rangefinder are the dual optics. You can change the display to red or black depending on the light conditions. These both work well, but aren’t a game changer in our opinion.

Another nice feature is that Shot Scope give you free access to their GPS arial maps with any purchase. These maps work really well and offer a nice extra for golfers wanting a bit of a rangefinder GPS combo.


Speed isn’t important on a rangfinder until you use one that is slowww, then you really notice what a pain it is can be. Good news here, the Shot Scope ZR is speedy and efficient without giving you any rouge numbers (something we notice with many cheaper golf rangefinders).

Visuals and Optics

The Shot Scope Pro ZR Rangefinder states it has premium optics and a 6x zoom. Along with its red or black display. In testing this really comes through.

If you’ve had an expensive rangefinder in the past, you’ll find this matches or exceeds your expectations. The display for yardages and slope are clean and make it easy to focus on your target.

A mentioned earlier, we were able to lock on to a pin from over 400 yards away and get an accurate yardage. That’s not possible with too many rangefinders. Not sure how often you’ll need that, but it gives you a good proxy for using this golf rangefinder at the max of your own distance range.


Shot Scope carry case

It is tricky to fault the usability of the Shot Scope Pro ZR Rangefinder. The target lock and rapid-fire make it very easy to grab a pin from any distance.

The carry case is super easy to use, and having an elastic cord gives you quick access when you are attaching this to your carry or cart bag. The cart magnet is really strong too, as we can attest to after zipping down some fairways.

Build Quality

If you’ve read our Shot Scope L2 review you’ll know we do trying to test things to destruction. The heavier ZR took quite the thumping in our drop tests. Despite the battery unit flying out, nothing was broken and the unit performs perfectly.

Shot Scope ZR rangefinder drop test

We wouldn’t recommend throwing any rangefinder around, but DuraShield Hardshell can take a lot. This is a big plus over most cheaper rangefinders. This is combined with a sturdy carry case that will double the protection when you’re not using the laser rangefinder.

The Shot Scope ZR claims to be water-resistant, and we again aimed to test that to the limit, putting it through 1 litre of water raining down heavily for 1 minute, followed by 1 minute of lighter rain. It passed with flying colours and with no changes to its performance.

Shot Scope ZR laser golf rangefinder rain test


The Shot Scope Pro ZR is at an interesting price point, at £299 it feels like it is trying to offer the most value in the premium rangefinder market. If you switched a premium Bushnell rangefinder out of your hands and were give this you’d be hard-pressed to tell the difference.

For that perspective it is really good, but it is also over double the price of the Shot Scope L2 which makes you think twice. We’ll cover how it differ below in our summary.

Golf Insider Verdict

Golf Insider Verdict
Visuals and Optics98
Build Quality95

This is a really good rangefinder it offers great accuracy, slope function, excellent on course performance and a premium build. It is also a nice bonus that you gain access to the aerial GPS maps from Shot Scope.

If you are between this and a similar priced alternative, buy this, it is the best we’ve tested at this price point. If you want to save some money the Shot Scope L2 is incredibly good. Where the ZR differs from the L2 is that the pin lock performs to a higher level and from further away and the build quality is superior.

Really impressive work from Shot Scope.


If you don’t think the Pro ZR Laser rangefinder is for you, there are plenty of other premium rangefinders out there.

Cobalt Q6

The Cobalt Q6 is the most accurate rangefinder we’ve tested to date and offers the best optics, but you will pay a hefty chunk of extra cash for it, and the usability (buttons and carry case) isn’t quite as good as the Shot Scope ZR rangefinder.

Check out our Cobalt Q6 review here.

Bushnell Tour V6

The Bushnell Tour V6 is great. It is every bit as good as the Shot Scope ZR, it edged it by 0.1% in our accuracy test, but again you’ll be paying extra for this. Again, the usability isn’t quite as good with the Bushnell, with the carry case being a little fiddly.

Check out our Bushnell Tour V6 review here.

Shot Scope Pro L2

We’ve covered this aleady our review. For the price this is an exceptional rangefinder. Very accurate and really quick and easy to use. However, you will lose a little build quality and will find the pin lock isn’t as good for distances over 190 yards.

Check out our Shot Scope L2 review here.


How do I use the slope function on the Shot Scope PRO ZR?

The slope function on the Shot Scope Pro ZR rangefinder is a switch that can be turned on and off on the side of the unit. It can be turned on/off making it ideal for tournament play.

Is the Shot Scope PRO ZR waterproof?

The Shot Scope Pro ZR is water resistant and passed with no damage in our rain test. The outer case on this rangefinder is very durable too.

How do I attach the Shot Scope PRO ZR to my golf cart?

The Shot Scope Pro ZR contains a magnet that sticks to the golf cart easily. The magnet is strong, and we had no trouble with it holding up even on bumpy terrain.

Happy golfing – Will Golf Insider

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