Skechers Golf Shoe Review

In this article we review the latest Skechers golf shoes. These have been tested through practice and play and the great British summer and winter – so you can be sure they’ve had a range of conditions to deal with.

Skechers Go Golf Max Rover – Review

  • Performance 85%
  • Comfort 90%
  • Waterproof 55%
  • Breathability 90%
  • Looks 70%
  • Value 75%

Total score: 78%

The Go Golf Max Rover are Skechers offering for golfers looking for a high-performing spikeless golf shoe. After testing these out for over a month I’m please to report they are a seriously good golf shoe!

So much so they are still my go-to golf shoe for practice and casual rounds of golf.

The Go Golf Rover shoe combines a lace up knit design with some water repellent tech making these golf shoes highly breathable, but still ideal when the ground is a little wet.

The trainer like design also provides great comfort – the ultra-light sole has been combined with additional cushioning around the heel and arch. I don’t know how much testing went into this design, but the result is one seriously comfy pair of golf shoes.

The wide lacing system also offers a lot of adjustability making this shoe a great if you struggle to find a golf shoe that offers comfort and support.

Where the Skechers Go Golf Max Rover shoe really impress is in their performance. After testing many pairs of spikeless golf shoes I’m often left feeling spikeless golf shoes are too bend and flimsy, meaning I don’t feel I have the control to really swing hard at a drive, or to balance on slopes when ‘exploring’ the wider golf course.

I’m pleased to say I can’t fault the Skechers Rovers on this point, the sole is like a performance running shoe and the lacing system gives the feeling of your foot being part of the shoe.

At the time of writing this I’d have to say this is probably the one spikeless golf shoe I would happily wear in tournament golf, with the Puma Ignites coming in a close second.

No shoe is perfect so let’s get down to business – I love the look of the knitted design on the Skechers Go Golf Max Rover and it is very breathable, but if you play round a muddy golf course be ready to scrub the mud out of the knit after a wet round. The shoes clean up well, but this is some extra work over playing in a leather or synthetic golf shoe.

Secondly, the spiking system on the sole performs brilliantly, but does leave a sizeable print on the greens. This isn’t a deal breaker, but be aware if you like to spend many hours practicing putting drills on your home putting green.

In my personal opinion the Skechers Go Golf Max Rover are a brilliant shoe for golfers looking for an uber comfy, breathable, spikeless golf shoe that also offers top performance during practice and play.

Top marks Skechers.

Skechers Go Golf Skech-Air Twist – Review

skechers go golf air-twist shoe in black side profile view

  • Performance 50%
  • Comfort 70%
  • Waterproof 95%
  • Breathability 80%
  • Looks 50%
  • Value 65%

Total score: 68%

The Skechers Go Golf Skech-Air Twist are one of Skechers more innovative golf shoes. The Go Golf Skech-Air Twist provides a relaxed fit, air cushioned sole and a twist lace up system.

The shoe is based on a chunky trainer design – aiming to create a shoe with trainer-like comfort for golfers; but how do they fair?

The Go Golf Skech-Air twist lives up to its trainer design inspiration, the cushioned sole provides great comfort and the soft padding around the ankle makes this shoe comfortable from your first wear.

The woven mesh upper layer also provides great comfort and I can attest to its excellent waterproofing. After a very wet round of golf, with water coming from the sky and ground beneath, my feet were dry as a bone at the end of the round.

The soft spike traction system performs well in dry and slight wet conditions. However, it is limited when playing in wet and very soft conditions. I also found the traction on slopes and paths isn’t as good as the Go Golf Rover reviewed above.

The lacing system in the Skech-Air Twist provides good adaptability and will provide a snug fit for wide, medium and narrow sized feet. For most of the time this lacing system is faultless, however I did find the twister digs in the top of my foot when I bend down to read putts and mark my ball.

In summary, the Skechers Go Golf Skech-Air Twists provide great comfort and excellent waterproofness. The lacing system is good, but could benefit from some minor tweaks. The thick sole is superb for walking long rounds, but I feel there is a small trade-off in its performance an ability to provide exceptional grip.

Buy this shoe if you are looking for a comfy, waterproof, trainer-like spikeless golf shoe and are will to trade a little performance.


If you would like any Skechers golf shoes tested that aren’t featured here then leave a comment below. We’ll grab a pair and add a review. For more reads check out our guides to the best golf shoes and best spikeless golf shoes.

Happy golfing – Will @ Golf Insider UK

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Will is a PGA golf professional, with a PhD in Biomedical Science and MSc in Sports Biomechanics & Psychology. He spent 10 years lecturing part-time at Leeds Beckett University and the University of Leeds in Biomechanics and Motor Control before becoming the Head of Golf for the University of Exeter. He currently runs Golf Insider UK, Sport Science Insider around wider consulting and academic roles in sport performance and motor control.

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