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TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls Review

a perfect blend of quality and affordability?

When searching for the perfect golf ball, finding a balance between quality and affordability can be a challenge. TaylorMade promises that this ball will provide for golfers seeking distance and an ‘ultra-soft feel’. Let’s see if TaylorMade have fulfilled this promise and ultimately whether these balls are right for you.

At a Glance

The TaylorMade Distance Plus is engineered for maximum distance, durability, and effortless alignment. TaylorMade touts its soft feel for improved greenside play. Let’s delve into the key features of the Distance Plus.

Construction: 2 layers (REACT Speed Core)

Dimple Pattern: 342 Aerodynamic Dimple Pattern

Compression: 77

Cover Material: Ionomer

Launch: Mid

Driver Distance: Maximized for speed

Wedge Spin: Claimed to be mid to high

Feel: Soft

Additional Features: Available in white or yellow, features new Plus Alignment Aid for enhanced performance on the green

TaylorMade Distance Plus golf ball

Off The Tee

The TaylorMade Distance Plus positions itself as a budget-friendly option, focusing more on distance than fancy features. In our tests with a high swing speed golfer, using TrackMan, the TaylorMade didn’t quite keep up in distance compared to pricier balls like the Pro V1 or TP5. It’s likely that this is because it spun a lot more when hit off the tee.

However, when actually playing on the course, its design for less drag and a lower launch helped it go farther. Even though it spun more, the TaylorMade Distance Plus still rolled the same distance as the Pro V1. This shows that it can really cover some ground when it comes to longer shots.

Table of data showing the differences between the TaylorMade and the Pro V1 on important driving stats.

Wedge Shots

Transitioning to approach shots with a wedge, as expected, the TaylorMade Distance Plus spun a lot less than the Pro V1, particularly on shots over 100 yards. This translated similarly on the course, where the ball struggled to stop as quickly as premium options. This outcome was anticipated, considering the ball’s design as a distance-focused model.

Table of data describing that the Taylormade spins a lot less on wedge shots.

Although the descent angles of the two golf balls were very similar, the lower spin of the TaylorMade Distance Plus resulted in it struggling to stop quickly enough, thus harder to control than the Pro V1.

Inside 50 Yards And Around The Green

This is where we start to see a big difference between the TM Distance Plus and premium balls such as the Pro V1. The main issue is that the overall greenside spin is notably lacking, meaning adjustments in shot trajectory have to be made to achieve desired stopping points. This would be a serious problem for golfers playing on faster greens.

This image shows how the 'Plus Alignment Aid' works in action.

However, a notable inclusion is the alignment aid, resembling a cross, which proves beneficial for players, particularly beginners and those with slower swing speeds—the target audience for this ball.

In essence, while the Distance Plus offers value, it may leave you scrambling for precision on challenging chip shots.


Despite TaylorMade’s claims of a soft feel, the Distance Plus falls slightly short of expectations. The 77 compression rating lends it a mid-compression feel, which may be favorable. However, the ionomer cover doesn’t match the premium feel of urethane-covered balls—a compromise reflected in its pricing.


In terms of value, the TaylorMade Distance Plus stands out. Pitted against the Pro V1, it comes at a considerable price difference, offering commendable ball speed and on-course performance. While it may lack finesse, it compensates with affordability and functional distance.

Golf Insider Verdict

For golfers seeking distance without breaking the bank, the TaylorMade Distance Plus presents a compelling choice. However, players with higher swing speeds may find its performance lacking in maximizing distance. Consider this ball if you fall within the mid to slow swing speed range and prioritize affordability with a modest increase in driving distance.

Alternatives To Consider

If the TaylorMade Distance Plus doesn’t align with your preferences, explore these alternatives:

Bridgestone e12 Golf Balls: Known for straight distance and accuracy, these offer a bit more responsiveness around the greens compared to the Distance Plus.

Callaway Supersoft: With a low compression and softer feel, this option suits slower swing speed players needing extra distance on approach shots.

Titleist Velocity: Offering comparable performance to the Distance Plus, the Velocity provides a slightly better feel and responsiveness, particularly around the greens.

If you are a beginner golfer, check out our article containing the ‘Best Golf Balls for Beginners 2024‘.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the TaylorMade Distance Plus suitable for high handicappers?

High handicappers seeking value and solid distance off the tee will find the TaylorMade Distance Plus appealing. However, its responsiveness around the green may be lacking, typical for balls in this price range.

Should slow swing speeds opt for a low compression golf ball?

While low compression balls may enhance distance on iron and approach shots for slow swing speeds, higher compression balls often yield greater distance off the tee.

Do TaylorMade Distance Plus golf balls spin?

The TaylorMade Distance Plus golf balls offer mid spin off the tee, allowing for controlled approach shots onto the green. However, greenside spin is notably limited.

Are TaylorMade Distance Plus worth it?

For casual golfers seeking a budget-friendly distance ball with acceptable feel, the TaylorMade Distance Plus presents a worthwhile option. Offering savings without compromising the game, it proves a sensible choice for many.

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