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Taylormade Tour Response vs. TP5 – Is there a real difference?

If you are wondering whether or not the Tour Response is just like the TP5 (but for less money), it’s not. There are plenty of similarities, and we actually enjoyed the performance of the Tour Response golf balls, but there are some distinct differences between these two golf balls that are very important to note. Take a look at our TrackMan testing and results regarding on-course performance.

At A Glance

The biggest difference technical between the TaylorMade Tour Response and the TaylorMade TP5 is the number of layers. Tour Response is a 3-layer ball with a soft tough urethane cover, whereas the TP5 is a 5-piece ball with a cast urethane cover. We’ll see how this affects performance when we get into the driving and wedge spin data.

TaylorMade Tour Response

  • Construction: 3 Piece
  • Cover: Soft, Tough Urethane
  • Feel: Softer feel
  • Compression: Around 73
  • Price Point: $42.99

TaylorMade TP5

  • Construction: 5 Piece
  • Cover: Soft, Tough Urethane
  • Feel: Soft Feel
  • Compression: Around 87
  • Price Point: $49.99

Off the tee

The total distance from the Tour Response golf ball was a little longer than the TP5. The reason behind this is quite simple; the Tour Response ball has less spin and rolls. If you take a close look at our driver carry distance, the TP5 was a few yards longer off the tee than the Tour Response but had a higher flight and more spin.

Driving launch data for the TaylorMade TP5 and Tour Response Golf balls

When you look at total spin rates, the difference is around 700 rpm which is quite a lot. For a golf ball to go from being four yards longer on the carry to six yards shorter on the total distance takes a lot less spin.

Regarding peak height with the driver, the TP5 was also considerably higher, with about 5 extra yards, than the Tour Response or Tour Response Stripe golf balls. A little lower peak height can also add to that increased roll that the Response gets off the tee.

We tested this on the course and found the exact same results. The TP5 are tour balls launch higher and are optimize for higher club head speeds. The Tour Responses have lower spin off the tee and certainly do roll out.

What is best for you? You want to fit your golf ball to how you play. If you launch the ball too high with too much spin, the Tour Response will be a great fit, whereas players with low spin and a low ball flight will get more out of the TP5.

If you can’t get hold of a fancy launch monitor you can buy a sleeve of each and do your own on course testing.

Wedge shots

We look at backspin and descent angle for our wedge shot tests – both are important for how quickly your wedge shots stop. The TP5 has a TON of spin. The Tour Response golf ball is about 1000 rpm less when it comes to spin on the full-swing wedge shots. The descent angle between the two was the same meaning we’d expect to see the TP5 have the greater stopping power.

Wedge spin data for the TaylorMade TP5 and Tour Response Golf balls

Out on the golf course, I started with the Tour Response first and noticed that the short iron full swing shots it was spinning fine; the golf ball would stop and then roll out a few feet. However, the TP5 stops on a dime. If you strike the ball well, it stops exactly where you want it to.

Inside 50 yards and around the green

Inside 50 yards and around the green, we see the same thing with spin repeated. Expect the Tour Response to have a soft feel and be responsive, but it is not nearly as sharp from a spin perspective as the TP5.

You probably know that feeling where you are in charge, and wherever you place, that ball is where it is going to stay. The TP5 provides that the Tour Response does not.

Do I think the Tour Response spins better than a two-piece distance golf ball? Absolutely. Inside 50 yards and around the greens, the Tour Response spins fine, just not like the TP5, but it is a good step up from the Titleist Tour Soft and TruFeel golf balls.


The Tour Response is noticeably softer than the TP5 golf ball. However, they both are considered to have a softer feel. The TP5x is a bit firmer. I would say that the TP5 has a very similar feel to the Pro V1.

I do find the TP5 to be a bit hotter off the face, especially with the driver. However, the differences between the two are very minimal.

On the putting green (where I really like to analyze feel), the TP5 has a slightly firmer feel than the Tour Response. I prefer the feel of the TP5, but I don’t dislike the feel of the Tour Response. It is certainly not too soft that you feel you lose your line on the green.


Overall the cast urethane cover holds up well on both the Tour Response and the TP5. In addition, you will find the seamless tour flight dimple pattern on both golf balls. I had no trouble playing several rounds of golf with the same ball. Sometimes paying a little extra money for a dozen golf balls gives you a chance to use them repeatedly.

TaylorMade Tour Response vs TP5 after a few rounds of golf
Both the TaylorMade Tour Response and TP5 golf balls after 2 rounds of golf.


The TP5 is more money than the Tour Response. A little more technology goes into a 5-piece ball as compared to a 3-piece ball. Also, we know by now that we pay for greenside performance. If a ball can spin, it’s worth the money to the golfer who cares.

The key statement here is “the golfer who cares.”

TaylorMade TP5 is an expensive golf ball but lives up to its expectations from a ball speed, ball flight, and spin perspective. In other words, it’s pretty much the best TaylorMade golf ball (along with the TP5x) that you will find.

The Tour Response is not a tour ball, but it sits very close to the border of being a premium ball. You pay about $10 less per dozen, and you give up a little greenside feel with the TaylorMade Tour Response.

I think both golf balls are priced where they should be. If you want a tour ball, it’s going to cost extra; if the Tour Response was priced at $29.99 like the Soft Response golf balls, it would be too good of a deal. You have to remember that the Tour Response has a Cast Urethane cover, and that does increase the overall pricing.

Golf Insider Verdict

The TaylorMade Tour Response and TP5 are quite different in terms of performance. The Tour Response is lower launching and lower spinning off the tee, whereas the TP5 is higher launch and higher spinning.

The TP5 is a premium golf ball that offers the greenside performance that better players (or more particular ones) seek. Whereas, the Tour Response and TaylorMade Tour Response Stripe have good feel, but much lower full wedge and greenside spin.

Both golf balls are great, but it is only about $10 less for the Tour Response golf balls, so if you really care about spin, it’s probably worth the extra $10 to get it.

The TaylorMade Soft Response could be the better fit for the low-price shopper, you can read more about these here.

Alternatives to consider

Here are a few golf balls I would try if the Tour Response and the TP5 are not a great fit for your game.

TaylorMade Soft Response

These spin a little more off the tee than the Tour Response, they have a soft feel, good distance, and a lower price. The problem is that it’s a two-piece ball with an ionomer cover, so it won’t have the same feel or greenside performance.

Pro V1

The TaylorMade TP5 and the Pro V1 have similar performance in both greenside performance and distance and spin from the tee.

Titleist Tour Speed

If you want a golf ball that performs similarly to the Tour Response and is a three-piece ball with good distance on both tee shots and approaches to the green, the Titleist Tour Speed could be a great choice.

TaylorMade Distance Plus

These balls are considerably cheaper than the Tour Response, but they are definitely not premium balls. They are only two-piece, but they do spin a lot, so if you are a golfer struggling for adequate height and distance off the tee then the TaylorMade Distance Plus might be the ball for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the TaylorMade Tour Response a replacement for the TP5?

Although you may get a few more yards of distance from the new Tour Response, the greenside spin is not quite as impressive. The Tour Response has a slightly low compression when compared to the TP5, which can make it a good choice for slower swing speed players.

Is the TaylorMade TP5 worth it?

The TaylorMade TP5 is a very good golf ball. It offers high spin around the green, plenty of distance off the steel, and an overall soft feel.

Can high handicappers play with the Tour Response?

The TaylorMade Tour Response is a very good golf ball for high handicappers looking for more distance, better feel, and improved overall responsiveness on the course when compared to cheap two-piece golf balls.

Happy golfing.

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