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Titleist Velocity Golf Balls Review

The Titleist Velocity golf balls are not the golf ball I typically use. However, after seeing this advertised and some good feedback I decided we need to give it a try! It’s certainly more affordable than others on the market.

The Velocity is a two-piece golf ball that is designed for high speed, high launch, and low long-game spin. It’s a distance golf ball built for the average golfer on a budget. When you look at the Titleist Velocity golf ball in this way, it certainly checks the boxes.

However, I would encourage you to be careful about the golf ball you choose and why you chose it.

Titleist velocity

  • Ball Flight: High
  • Compression: Medium (around 65)
  • Number of Pieces: 2
  • Colors available: White, matte green, matte orange, matte blue
  • Spin: Low
  • Feel: Soft


Overall distance from the Titleist Velocity golf balls is good. I normally play with the Titleist Pro V1 or Callaway Chrome Soft, and from the tee, I noticed that the Velocity was within the same 5-yard area as it would be with the Pro V1.

Distance with fairway woods was also great, both from the tee and from the turf. Titleist incorporated the LSX core into the golf ball in an effort to make it one of the longest golf balls in the lineup. With just two layers, the core and the cover, it becomes a bit easier to compress the Velocity and get better total distance.

Expect that the compression of the Titleist Velocity golf ball is in the range of about 65, a good choice for the average swing-speed player.

Where I found that I had even better distance performance was on approach shots to the green. I hit my irons a little further with the Titleist Velocity ball than I did with the Pro V1 in play.

Part of this has to do with the lower spin on the golf ball. I did find a few extra yards of carry distance as well. Probably in the 3-4 yard range, which will be due to the reduced drag due to backspin through the air.


Spin off the tee is very low with the Titleist Velocity golf balls. Every once in a while, I’ll hit a drive that stops in its tracks, but that wasn’t really the case with the Titleist Velocity when matched with my swing speed.

The only thing to be aware of here is that the ball flight or launch on the Titleist Velocity Golf ball is relatively high. Sometimes with the driver, you lose a little roll simply because of the flight.

Now to start with some of my complaints about the Titleist Velocity golf ball. The greenside spin from this golf ball is terrible. If you are struggling with getting a ball to stop on the green and you are playing with the Titleist Velocity, chances are it’s the golf ball and not you!

If you plan on leaving yourself plenty of room for the ball to roll out, the spin on the Velocity Titleist golf balls may not bother you. However, if you short side yourself and do not have much green to work with, it’s very hard to stop the ball anywhere near the pin.

I had a clean bunker shot that would have normally had a tremendous amount of spin to stop and sometimes even pull the ball back, and it rolled forward instead.

In addition, I hit one approach shot with a wedge that was incredibly high (which is a good thing), and it landed just two feet from the pin and somehow managed to roll another five feet away. Even my playing partners said they had no idea how that could have happened, considering the ball flight, etc.

The fact that these are low spin golf balls does not make them bad, nor does mean that you should avoid them; it’s simply something you must be aware of.


Titleist describes Velocity as being a soft feel golf ball. Softer golf balls are good around the green, and I did notice this to be soft.

Luckily the Velocity is not too soft that it feels dead; it’s essentially a way to get slightly more confident around the greens considering the lack of spin in the Velocity balls. The NaZ+ Cover is designed to get golfers higher ball speed and still keep a softer feel.

The only thing I don’t really like about the NaZ+ cover is that it feels a little clicky. The urethane covers have more of a smoother feel where the impact is more buttery and less noticeable. Of course, we pay a higher price for these covers.

Overall on most shots to the green, and even in putting the Titleist Velocity feel was quite good. The only time it would have been nice was on the shorter pitch shots or sand shots, but overall, it’s not a major complaint.

Titleist claims that the Velocity has a “playable” greenside feel. After several rounds with this golf ball in play, I would agree that it’s playable; it’s just not preferred. With fast greens that slope a lot, I think you would struggle with control. On straightforward three to six feet putts, the Velocity was quite good and had a solid feel.


The Titleist golf balls are known to have great longevity. I had no real problems with scuff marks or cuts on the Titleist balls after a few rounds of golf.

One thing I did notice were some marks on the cover that looked like discoloration, but when looking at the dimples, there didn’t seem to be any impact or effect.

For amateur players, expect to be able to keep these golf balls in play for several rounds and still not notice a decrease in performance.


Golfers always think about the value of being the price of the ball. However, I like to look at it more in a way of what you will get for your money. With the Titleist Velocity golf ball, you are paying for distance, and you will get it.

I can’t tell you it’s the longest ball on the market, that depends on your own launch conditions and finding the ball to best fit them, but maximum distance is obtained when you put a high-speed core inside a thin cover like the Velocity.

Long distance golf balls are generally less expensive than premium golf balls, which are designed with multiple layers to create great performance from the tee and around the greens.

I think Titleist Velocity balls are priced exactly where they should be, and are a really good option for beginner golfers wanting new, good-value golf balls.

If you want to spend a little more and get something like the Titleist Tour Speed or the Titleist Tour Soft, you will undoubtedly get a little more playability around the greens. In the end, exceptional distance is becoming less expensive, and that’s a good thing for golfers.

Golf Insider Verdict

The bottom line here is that the Titleist Velocity is not the golf ball for my game, but that’s because I rely on high spin and shot-stopping power around the greens.

The Titleist Velocity golf ball is ideal for golfers who need a low-spinning ball, which is fairly priced and gives you more distance (especially on the iron shots). If you are tired of paying higher prices for a premium golf ball and are looking for a cheaper ball that has the same performance, this is not it.

There is a significant distance between a premium Titleist golf ball like the Pro V1 and the Titleist Velocity. However, the Velocity does have impressive distance and flies very straight!

For better spin at a lower cost, I would encourage you to take a look at something like the Bridgestone e6, Srixon Soft Feel balls, TaylorMade Tour Response or even the Maxfli Tour X golf balls. These may be priced a few dollars more than the Titleist Velocity golf balls, yet they also offer great distance and slightly more performance around the greens.

In summary, the Titleist Velocity golf balls are low-cost, fly straight and high, and have a soft feel. However, if you demand more than that, you will have to spend a few more dollars.

Happy golfing.

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