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Tour Edge Bazooka 470 Review

Tour Edge has had great success with its Bazooka range. their latest range, the 470 is a complete set geared toward beginner to intermediate golfers. Here we review the Tour Edge Bazooka 470 complete set, suggest who it is for and alternatives to check out within the space.

Quick Summary

As a coach and club fitter, I’ve been selling the Tour Edge Bazooka range for over 12 years. They’re really good and many golfers hit them as well, or better than more well-known brands.

These are a great option for beginner to intermediate golfers that have a straight-to-hook ball flight, or a small fade and have medium to higher club head speed. If you have a large slice there are better alternatives on the market.

Expect 12 really well-built clubs, that provide great forgiveness, with a high-quality stand/cart bag. This set will suit you well until you reach a low 20 handicap or teen handicap.

Tour Edge Bazooka 470 Complete Set Review

The Tour Edge Bazooka 470 Complete Set comes with a driver, 3 wood, 5 wood, 4 hybrid, 5 hybrid 6-SW, putter, and a golf bag. The ultra-light shafts deliver higher ball flight and plenty of forgiveness. The deep and low center of gravity help to increase overall ease of use.


Tour Edge 470 driver in 10.5º loft

The driver in the Tour Edge Bazooka 470 set is 460cc, the same size as all the top brand-name golf drivers on the market this year. This is a non-adjustable driver head with 10.5 degrees of loft.

Overall, the forgiveness of the driver is good, but it does have less draw bias than drivers in most beginner complete golf sets. This is bad news if you have a wild slice, but good news if you hit the ball pretty straight, or your bad shot is a hook.

This driver promotes a high launch, low spin flight and is very long for golfers who fit the profile above. One of the improvements in the 470 series, from the 370 series is the variable face thickness technology in the woods – this results in a few extra yards distance when you miss the centre and hit towards the toe and heel, not life-changing, but we’ll take all the help we can get!

Fairway woods

Tour Edge Bazooka 470 comes with two fairway woods. Most beginner sets in this price range just have a 3 wood or a 5 wood, but not both. The 3 wood and 5 wood offer accurate performance and the flat sole and shallow face make them easier to hit from the ground compared to most competitors.

However, if you are a slower swing speed player, you may not notice too much difference in the distances the shots will travel, to begin with. This can be a common problem with beginner golfers until they get a little more consistent with their ball striking.

Hybrids & Irons

Tour Edge 470 5 hybrid and 7 iron in black and yellow

Another positive of the Tour Edge Bazooka 470 is that there are two hybrids included, both the 4 and 5 hybrids. In any beginner set, two hybrids are a great benefit. The 4 hybrid has 22 degrees of loft, the 5 hybrid has 25 degrees of loft and a high-flying ball flight with a deep center of gravity.

The two hybrids transition very nicely into the cavity back irons. The irons offered in 6-SW have a larger club head and a long blade. The overall look is certainly more appealing to the golfer that needs some help with forgiveness and launch.

The wedges are well made, and a little less clumpy than more budget beginner sets. But this is likely the first area you’ll look to upgrade if you start to make quick progress as a golfer. The 46º pitching wedge and 55º sand wedge do leave a gap between them and the 55º sand wedge will leave some golfers wanting a higher lofted wedge, but…this is a small fault to pick, and you can buy a lob wedge and gap wedge to add to this set at any time you choose (they don’t have to match the original set).

These irons are available in steel and graphite shaft options, we’ll discuss this more in our round-up.


Tour Edge 470 mallet putter

Another change from the Bazooka 370 range is the switch from a blade to a mallet-style putter. The mallet design creates a high MOI and plenty of stability at impact.

The alignment lines on the putter make this super easy to aim. The feel is good but is a level below the white-hot putter you get in the Callaway Edge complete set.

The length of this putter is 35 inches, an inch longer than putters we see in other sets. Most golfers won’t notice this small difference, but it will promote a taller posture and an arcing putting stroke.

The Rest of The set

The rest of the Tour Edge Bazooka 470 set includes a golf bag and six headcovers. You get a headcover driver, two fairway wood headcovers, two hybrid headcovers, and a putter headcover.

There is a graphite shaft and a steel shaft option with the Bazooka 470. The steel set comes with a stand bag, and the graphite set has a cart bag included.

Most of the time, the steel should retail at a lower price, but the graphite shaft set is a great option if you carry your 7-iron less than 130 yards and/or want more distance and a higher ball flight.

If you want to learn more about how shafts affect performance check out this article on graphite vs steel shafts.

Golf Insider verdict

The Tour Edge Bazooka 470 set is a great option for beginner to intermediate golfers who want a well-built, forgiving set of golf clubs at a great price.

They are a great fit for golfers who swing a little faster, but a graphite shaft set is still a great option for slower swing speed golfers. If you have a big slice, check out some of our picks below, but for straighter golfers and those that have a hook, these are a great option.

Tour Edge continues to produce super high-quality equipment for a great price. Opt for these or the alternative below over some of the cheaper options you’ll see across the internet.

Alternatives for Beginner Golfers

If the Tour Edge Bazooka 470 is not quite the perfect choice for you. Here are a few other beginner golf sets that you may want to consider.

Cobra Fly XL

Cobra Fly XL complete set header

The Cobra Fly XL has the same set makeup as the Tour Edge Bazooka 470 set, but it has a slightly higher price. They are very, very similar in design and performance. However, on testing, we’d say these encourage more of a draw and are a great option for golfers who struggle with a slice.

Check out our full Cobra Fly XL review here.

TaylorMade RBZ Speedlite

TaylorMade RBZ Speedlite

The TaylorMade RBZ is a premium option for new golfers. They are the most expensive on the market, but their super light weight clubs make them a great option for slower-swinging golfers who want to max out on distance and forgiveness.

Check out our full TaylorMade RBZ complete set review here.

Callaway Edge

Callaway edge golf set

The Callaway Edge is kind of a no-frills beginner option from Callaway, but after testing this set out I was really impressed. No golf bag is included here, but you get some really forgiving woods and irons, similar to the Tour Edge set along with a great putter!

Check out the Callaway Edge complete set review here.

Final Thoughts

We’ll continue to talk about Tour Edge as long as they keep producing great performing gear at a great price for beginners. The Tour Edge 470 complete set is a great option for beginners and intermediates who are after quality and forgiveness.

They are not the most suited for big slicers, but most other beginners and intermediates will have a great time playing with these golf clubs. The graphite option is best for slow-swing speed players, whereas golfers with higher swing speed will find the steel shaft irons, with graphite shafted woods a great set.

Happy golfing – Will @ Golf Insider

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