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Where To Buy Used Golf Clubs

If new golf clubs are not in the budget, used golf clubs are a great alternative. The key is to know where to buy used golf clubs. We have pulled together some of our top tips as well as the best places to purchase used golf clubs to help you in this process. Used golf clubs can save you hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars. 

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  1. Local Pro Shop
  2. Global Golf
  3. Callaway Pre-Owned
  4. eBay
  5. Facebook Marketplace

Local Pro Shop

Nearly every golf course has an attached pro shop. Here you will find 1 to 10 golf professionals who run a golf retail shop along with coaching and providing custom-fitting for golfers. The local pro shop is our favorite place to purchase used golf clubs.


You’ll get great advice, build a relationship with a coach and will be able to hit the equipment there and then. Professionals in the industry really want to help, as their reputation is on the line and every customer is a potential pupil for them, for that reason they’ll happily give you advice on what you are purchasing and make sure you are happy with the results. 

There are some great situations that you can find at a local pro shop, ex-demo clubs, trade-ins when golfers upgrade and a general clear out of older stock.

Local pro shops take equipment from anyone nearby that is upgrading or has struggled with the equipment they purchased and want to bring it back, but they also have demo clubs. Golf courses have to let people try certain equipment before they purchase. 

This means that a driver could have been hit by 80-100 people that wanted to give it a try, and then it is considered a used club and gets discounted for a quick sale. These demo clubs are the latest technology on the market, and although they may have a few scratches, you are still getting great technology. 


Check your local golf courses and clubs online. Find the pro shops number or email and get in touch. Or you could pop in when passing and leave your details for anything suitable that comes in. Expect the stock to be limited. Give the pro shop a call before you head over to see what kind of stock they have. 


  • Most recent equipment 
  • Top expertise
  • Some clubs can be customized to fit your needs 
  • Ability to test the clubs 


  • Stock will be more limited 

Global Golf

Global Golf Logo

Global Golf is one of the top online sellers of used golf equipment. In fact, Global Golf may sell more used equipment than new equipment. There are both positives and negatives to working with Global Golf on your next used set of golf clubs. 


Global Golf has a really good used golf club inventory. If you know the exact specifications of a product you want and are looking for something specific, Global Golf will likely be your best bet. 

With Global Golf being a reputable brand, you won’t have to worry about counterfeit golf clubs or overpricing on used golf clubs. In fact, Global Golf is relatively fair about its pricing, and the shipping does not take all that long. 


The Global Golf website will let you toggle between searching for new and used golf equipment. The one complaint we have with Global Golf is that their website is not the easiest to use. Sometimes the search results box is not accurate at all. 

Our tip here is to narrow down what you are looking for using the drop downs, and you will be surprised by what you find. If you search for the exact name of the product you want, there is a good chance it won’t show up, but using the drop downs to narrow things down will usually give rather accurate results. 


  • Great inventory and selection 
  • Some premium products with very little wear and tear
  • No concerns with counterfeit product 
  • Will accept trade-in 


  • The website can be challenging to navigate 

Callaway Pre-Owned

Callaway Pre owned golf banner

If you like Callaway golf clubs, the Callaway Pre Owned website is one of the best resources for used golf equipment. Callaway Pre Owned has all of the latest equipment releases almost as soon as they come out. 


Many golfers feel like they have to accept equipment that is several years old when they choose a used product. However, the Callaway Pre Owned is nothing like that. In fact, all of the latest Epic and Apex golf clubs are currently live on the Callaway website. 

One of our favorite features of the Callaway Pre Owned website is how they rate the used products. Callaway has four categories; average, good, very good, and like new. Their standards are excellent, and you can trust the product you end up with. 

For those looking for custom specifications on their, Callaway used golf clubs; all information is listed for you to choose from. Many options for additional length or a more upright lie are available. 


Searching the Callaway Pre Owned website for used equipment is really easy. In fact, we wish Callaway would expand to offer other brands. The only limitation of this website is that you have to stick with Callaway products, but the shopping experience is one of the best around. 


  • Very easy to use website
  • Great selection of product that is almost brand new
  • Significant costs savings 
  • 15 day money-back guarantee 


  • Only offers Callaway products 


Purchasing used golf clubs on eBay can be a bit of a risk-reward type situation. Sometimes you stumble upon a great deal on eBay; other times, you get a product that is counterfeit or damaged. 


One of the main reasons to purchase from eBay is that you can purchase almost any golf club from anywhere in the world. eBay has some of the largest inventory of used golf products, and it has become easier to determine if a seller has legitimate golf clubs to sell. 

If you are smart about shopping on eBay, you should have no trouble. Look for people that have very high seller ratings. Reviews should be positive, and the star rating should be high. Stay away from first time sellers or listings that don’t have accurate pictures. 


The search functionality on the eBay website is quite good. You can narrow it down by used equipment and even find custom golf clubs. For taller or shorter golfers, expect to find some really great used equipment options on eBay. 

For those that have a very low budget, there are also eBay sellers that are trying to dump equipment from 8 or 10 years ago. For those in the market for this type of gear, eBay will be your best bet. 

One of the downsides here is the shipping costs; make sure you calculate that into the final price you pay for a product. 


  • Some products offer “buy it now” pricing 
  • Wide range of equipment
  • One of the best sources for older equipment 
  • Ability to preview seller ratings and reviews 


Not all eBay sellers are truthful, and there is a chance for counterfeit product 

Facebook Marketplace 

Last but not least is Facebook Marketplace. If you have a lot of golfers in your local area, you can expect the Facebook Marketplace to be filled with used golf clubs. In fact, this is one of our favorite spots to find a great deal on used golf equipment. 


People trying to sell old golf equipment don’t always want to deal with shipping. Using the local Facebook marketplace will mean that you can go pick up clubs locally. 

We also found that some sellers on Facebook Marketplace are just resellers trying to clear out a house or an old garage, and the equipment you can purchase is cheaper than anywhere else. People who are not golfers trying to sell used golf equipment sometimes sell it for less than it is worth. 

Be prepared to jump on these listings quickly. 


It takes some time and effort to search through the listings on Facebook Marketplace. You may need to set up notifications so you are alerted each time golf clubs come up. Don’t be afraid to negotiate with the seller to ensure that you are getting the best deal on the used golf clubs you purchase. 

Chances are the seller has pushed the price a little higher than necessary, expecting that you will make an offer. 


  • Can get some really great deals 
  • Good chance of finding a great deal
  • Might not need to pay for shipping 


  • Sometimes spec and pictures are not great 
  • Have to be smart about who you are buying from, ask a lot of questions about the product, make sure the answers make sense 

Used Golf Club Buying Guide

When purchasing used golf clubs, there are a few things to keep in mind. Sometimes the lower pricing on a driver that was once $550 will cloud your judgment, and you purchase a product without really knowing if it is the right choice for your game or if the technology is worth it. Here are some of our best tips for purchasing used golf clubs. 

Which makes/models to buy?

If you are going to purchase used golf clubs, stick with the name brand clubs. 

  • Callaway 
  • TaylorMade
  • Titleist
  • Cleveland
  • Cobra
  • PXG
  • Mizuno 
  • Ping

These manufacturers use only the best materials in the clubs they make, and they expect them to last for many years. If you are serious about purchasing golf clubs that will last for a long time and still have relevant technology, look for a brand-name club. 

What golf shafts should I look for?

If you find a set of golf clubs that you like and are thinking about purchasing, it is wise to look at the shaft included. Sometimes golf shafts have been replaced, and players should know this before they purchase. 

Do a general google search of the clubs you are purchasing and see if you can find the original specifications. If the original specifications match the used club, you are purchasing, that is typically a good thing. 

You can also go to a local club fitter and get an idea of the proper weight, flex, and material of a shaft that works for you. Although the clubs you purchase may not have the exact brand name shaft you were fitted for, you can match specifications quite easily. 

Consider grip wear

Grip wear is a significant problem with used golf clubs. If you don’t know how to regrip your golf clubs, you could pay more than $10 per club for a regripping. The total cost will add quite a bit to your used golf club purchase. 

Most legitimate used golf club sellers will at least mention grip wear. If you find something with brand new grips, this is a great option. 

Returns policy

Each seller has its own return policy. Some used golf club sellers will not allow you to hit the equipment and return it; others give you 15 to 30 days to play with it before sending it back in. The returns policy is important when purchasing from online sellers. 

One of the reasons we like the local pro shop option for purchasing used golf clubs is because you can try the equipment right there to determine if it is for you. A return policy will likely not be necessary with this option as there are no real surprises. 

Where is best to buy used women’s golf clubs?

The best place to buy used women’s golf clubs is your local golf pro shop. The professional at the golf shop can work with you to help determine the best set makeup as well as the number of clubs necessary and how to piece together a set. 

Women golfers can purchase used clubs from Global Golf or Callaway Pre Owned, but this is best for the woman golfer with some experience and some knowledge of what clubs will work best for their needs. 

Where is best to buy used beginners golf clubs?

Pre owned clubs and used sets can be purchased at a local golf shop or from an online seller. If you are a beginner interested in a used golf club set, it makes sense to look for something that is a name brand club with a large sweet spot, lightweight shaft, and plenty of forgiveness. For more detailed review, check out our main article on best golf club sets for beginners.

Beginners also should keep in mind the age of the technology they purchase. The newer the equipment, the easier it will be to get distance and forgiveness. 

Where is best to buy used left-handed golf clubs?

Lefty golfers typically struggle with an availability issue when it comes to used golf clubs, and that is what makes eBay one of the best options for used golf clubs for left-handed players. In addition to eBay, Global Golf has some great options for left-handed players. 


Hopefully, you now feel a bit more confident about where to buy used golf clubs. The used golf club market is huge, and there is no reason to purchase new golf clubs for each of your club purchases.

Many players find that if they want to replace a hybrid or a fairway wood or look for a new putter, the used golf clubs are by far the best option. Be smart about where you are buying from and the condition of the club, and you will save yourself some great money.

For more information on buying some great gear, check out this article on how to choose golf clubs.

Happy golfing.

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