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WellPutt Putting Mat Review

Golf putting mats have come a long way, we’ve gone from little to no choice, to an abundance of options on the market. WellPutt have established themselves as one of the top providers on the market. In this review we give you the insider detail on if their putting mats are worth it and which option to buy.

As always, with our reviews, we will get a little nit-picky and give you both the good and the bad of what WellPutt offers here.

Quick Summary

The WellPutt putting mat offers the joint best roll out of all the putting mats we’ve tested.

Furthermore, they are the best option if you are after a putting mat you can roll up, roll out and get straight on with some putting practice.

A small con is that there isn’t a sunken hole to putt to, however the detailed graphics (see image) do a good job of offering feedback on if your putt would have gone in.

We love the graphics on this mat that aid putter head alignment and give clear feedback on your start line.

WellPutt Putting Mat EndZone


  • 13ft (4m) mat designed for improving aim, touch, and technique
  • Approved by the putting coach for Jordan Spieth (Cameron McCormick)
  • 2 Play Directions- Accuracy & Distance control
  • 10/11.5 on the stimp, depending on your direction
  • Comes with WellPutt app access for iOS and Android
  • Includes 50 practice exercises
Golf Insider Verdict

WellPutt Putting Mat Review

Let’s dive into the testing and explore how we have come to the ratings we have for each category.


WellPutt putting mat trueness gif

The first thing I look for in any putting mat is the trueness of the surface. If the surface doesn’t have a true roll you may be working on your stroke, but you aren’t getting much distance control or feel practice.

The WellPutt Classic is very true. It also lays flat as soon as you take it out of the box, something that we look at as a big positive. If you aren’t able to have your practice putting mat out at all times, you won’t be stuck with a lumpy surface when you pull out the WellPutt putting mat.


The Wellputt putting mat is designed to roll at 10-11.5 on the Stimpmeter. When we tested, we noticed it felt like around 9-10 on the Stimpmeter, which is a bit quicker than most golf course greens and on the slower side for PGA and LPGA Tour greens.

The key factor that will determine how fast your WellPutt mat feels is what you place under the mat. Thicker carpets will result in slower speeds whereas harder surfaces will be considerably faster.


We tested the 13-foot (4m) Classic WellPutt putting mat, this mat is 1.6 feet (50cm) wide which is wider than most mats and offers you a few different locations and visuals to putt from.

This is a small detail but adds a really nice feature to this putting mat compared to others on the market like the PuttOut standard mat.

There are several different WellPutt sizes to choose from. Here are a few of our best recommendations for what size to use for your putting practice. Remember that the putting mat size you choose may come down to what you are looking to get out of this tool.

  • Choose any of the 10 ft putting mats to work on your putting stroke, alignment and overall strategy when you have a relatively small space. The new Stroke Master mat (8.2 feet) will be great if you’re really focused on your start line.
  • The 13ft (4m) putting mats are the true standard size for WellPutt; if you have the room, the 13ft is great for training exercises, and it’s just about $30 more than some of the 10ft options.
  • If you have plenty of room and want to leave a mat out that you can continually use for practice, consider the 26ft putting mat Classic. This putting mat is HUGE but it is a great option when working on pace control if you have the extra space.


The WellPutt Classic putting mat is incredibly lightweight and easy to move around. Most mats take a little bit of time to flatten after they’ve been rolled up, but the WellPutt putting mats don’t have this problem.

We’ve just unrolled ours after 6 weeks being stored away and it is rolling true as ever.

This is a great testament to the quality and design of the WellPutt mats. If you will need to store your putting mat in between uses, then this is the best putting mat we’ve come across for being ready to use in seconds.


When you look at the overall roll and the feel of the WellPutt, it’s genuinely like a tour level putting green. If you are used to practicing on the carpet in your living room, you will notice a tremendous difference when switching to the WellPutt.

WellPutt Hole Out Zone

The only real con is that the Puttout Mat does not have a sunken hole, which is standard for many putting mats these days. However, they do have a very cool ‘good zone’ graphic after the hole so you can gauge if the ball would have stayed in the hole.

We do like the speed zones as a way to practice speed control and accuracy, but from a mental standpoint, there is something quite satisfying about getting a ball in the hole.

Technical Development

Maybe you have already noticed this, but one of the things that sets the WellPutt apart from other putting tools are all the markings on the mat itself. The putting mats are approved by Cameron McCormick, coach of Jordan Spieth.

Putting from one end gives you a focus on accuracy, start direction and correct aim. Whereas, putting from the other end has more of a focus on pace control.

We’re absolute geeks when it comes to golf technique and practice, and are often critical of practice aids. Here we need to praise WellPutt for some great work.

WellPutt putting mat aim guides

The fact that you have three separate putting angles to aim at the hole is a really nice touch and allows more viability compared to putting from one spot to your target in practice.

Furthermore, the face angle markers and subtle dotted lines on each give you wonderful feedback on your aim and start direction without feeling messy or overly complicated. From a coaching standpoint, these are really useful for golfers to have in place when practicing their putting.

We also should talk about the fact that there is an app that comes with the WellPutt. The accompanying app does not have a yearly fee to access the videos and training. You simply get access when you purchase the mat.

There are 54 different training exercises, and although some of them are rather basic and expected with the included lines, you will be able to stay engaged and can work with the WellPutt for years to come.


One of the great things about WellPutt is that it is a well-developed product with several different premium quality options to choose from. If you are a bit tight on budget, you can go with the smaller mat but still get quite a bit of functionality.

If you are looking for the lowest price options, the 10ft Start 2.0 is the way to go. Larger ones are more money, but for the 26ft option, you get a huge surface with enough space to work on putts of many lengths.

Golf Insider verdict

The WellPutt putting mat is one of the best surfaces out there, possibly the best we’ve tested. It’s smooth, true, and rolls at a great speed, just like a real green. The markings on the mat for putter head alignment and pace control make this a really strong mat for golfers looking to work on their technique.

Also, if you are short of space and want a putting mat that can be rolled out flat in an instant, this stands out as the best on the market. The fact that there are challenges and exercises improves the app’s overall value and fun.

Great work WellPutt.

Alternatives to Consider

PuttOUT Pro

The PuttOUT Pro putting mat, is a little shorter than the WellPutt, at just over 8 feet long, but it offers a true rolling surface with excellent alignment aids, making it ideal for home practice. It rolls out easily without creasing, and its consistent performance is comparable to any indoor putting green. It is also much cheaper than the WellPutt Putting Mat.

For a more detailed review of the PuttOUT Pro check out our article by clicking here.

Upstreet Putting Mat

The Upstreet putting mat, is a simple and cost-effective indoor putting mat consisting of two square ramps with holes. Despite its simplicity and the added challenge of shallower holes and foam ridges, it can effectively create an indoor putting green if you already have a suitable carpet. This tool is not for serious golfers but is great for casual practice and fun.


The PrimePutt mat comes in a range of sizes, the majority of which are bigger than the WellPutt. It is a more robust mat that the manufacturers say can be used outside. It is however, lacking in alignment aids and interesting graphics. This is not ideal if you want to focus on technical aspects when practising, but if you want a mat that looks clean and tidy, this is a good option.

For a more detailed review of the PrimePutt check out our article by clicking here.


Can you use a WellPutt mat on carpet?

The WellPutt mat can be used on a carpet or placed on a hard floor. The mat is thick enough that it does mostly maintain its speed regardless of what is under it, but it’s certainly faster on the hard floor.

Is the Wellputt app free?

Yes, one of our favorite things about the WellPutt is that the app does come with the purchase of the mat, so you won’t have yearly costs associated with your putting training.

Do putting mats improve putting?

Putting mats are a great way to improve your stroke mechanics, accuracy and distance control. The WellPutt mats are a great option for golfers looking to improve any of the above.

Will I need to iron my WellPutt Putting Mat in order for it to be flat?

No, not in our experience. We took the mat out of the box and it lay flat with no creases, ready to use immediately.

Happy golfing.

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