Wilson Profile SGI Complete Set Review

In recent years Wilson have become one of the biggest selling beginner golf club brands. Here we’ll review their Wilson Profile SGI complete set and help you decide if it is the right set of clubs for you.

The sets are available in custom fitting options for men, women, seniors and teens – we’ll discuss these options later on, but first let’s walk through the equipment.

Wilson Profile SGI Complete Set

The Profile SGI complete golf set is Wilson’s offering for beginner golfers looking for great forgiveness and custom fitting, all at a great price. The complete golf club set includes:

  • 10.5° driver with graphite shaft (12º seniors & 14º womens)
  • #5 Fairway wood with graphite shaft
  • #5 hybrid
  • #6, 7, 8, 9-irons
  • Pitching wedge, sand wedge
  • Putter
  • Bag and three head covers

That is a serious amount of golfing gear for the price! Below we’ll give a little more detail on each club and how they will help your golf game.

Woods and hybrids

The Wilson Profile SGI complete set comes with a 10.5º driver with a graphite shaft pictured here

The 460cc driver is the largest legal head size which makes this driver very forgiving where ever you hit across the club face. The graphite shaft reduces the overall club weight and allows you to create more club head speed with the same amount of force – resulting in longer drives.

Along with the driver, a 5-wood and 5-hybrid are included. Both of these can be used as an alternative club to hit off the tee, or for second shots off the ground on long par 4’s and par 5’s.

What is the difference between these two clubs? The loft and the length of the clubs. The 5-wood is 18º in loft, the 5-hybrid is 25º in loft, the hybrid also has a shorter length shaft. This means the hybrid will travel higher and a shorter. Whereas your 5-wood will travel lower and further.

The woods and hybrids in the Wilson SGI complete set are plenty good enough for beginners and good compared to many other options on the market. But the performance of the woods doesn’t quite match up against the performance of more expensive full sets, like the Cobra F-Speed complete set.

This shouldn’t put you off, as you are saving around $600, which can easily buy you new woods in the future.

Irons and wedges

The irons in the Wilson SGI complete set run from 6-iron to pitching wedge. This provides good gapping of distances between each iron and more than enough irons for starting the game.

The irons all have a large cavity back design, which pushes the weight to the perimeter of the club and makes them highly forgiving. There is also more mass placed low down in the club head which helps you hit high launching iron shots off the ground.

The Wilson Profile SGI complete set is topped off with a 56º sand wedge, which will be a great club for chipping, pitching around the green and hitting bunker shots with.

The irons and wedge in the Wilson SGI complete set are exceptional for beginners, particularly when considering the price.

The rest of the set

Image of the Putter with a polymer insert that comes with the Wilson profile beginners set

The beginners set comes complete with a golf bag and putter. The putter is a classical bladed design, and has a polymer insert which provides a soft feel when putting.

Depending on the set you choose (men’s, women’s, senior) your clubs will come with a cart or stand bag. These bag are great, come with lots of pockets and will see you through many happy rounds of golf.

Wilson Profile SGI specs and more info

Wilson’s tagline for this set is “One Size Does Not Fit All” ™ which is apt as this is one of the only beginner sets that offer different fittings. See the chart below for their guide.

Wilson offer two men’s fits, three women’s fits, a senior and a teen version. And yes, they even come in left-handed options too.

This chart shows the fitting options for the Wilson Profile SGI clubs. Men's come in a standard and tall option. There are also three womens options and a senior and teen option


The Wilson Profile SGI complete sets are a great option for beginners looking for a superb set of golf clubs at a great price. The driver and woods and good, the irons and wedges are exceptional. Once you put the putter and golf bag onto of that you’ve got a lot of great golf gear for the price.

Alternatives to the Wilson Profile SGI complete set

Below I’ve put together a list of alternative options you may wish to consider.

Similar price point: Callaway Strata

callaway strata golf clubs

Wilson SGI vs Callaway Strata complete set

The Callaway Strata complete set are probably the closest to the Wilsons in terms of price and performance. I would say the driver and woods are very similar between to two sets, but the Wilson SGI’s just edge it because of their brilliant irons and wedges.

Check out the complete Callaway Strata review

Top of the range: Cobra F-Max complete golf set

A picture of the Cobra F-speed complete set, which is a higher price point option compared to the Wilson Profile set

If you’re looking for the best beginner starter and money isn’t a factor then check out the Cobra F-Max complete set. The irons are lighter and more modern, the woods, hybrids and driver and exceptional and providing stunning levels of forgiveness.

The Wilson SGI set are great for the price, but the Cobra F-Max complete set will offer you a big jump up in performance when it comes to the woods and driver.

Read the full Cobra F-Max review

A level up in Quality: Cobra XL golf clubs

Cobra XL complete set in a black bag

The Cobra XL are the predecessors the the F-max set covered above. The Cobra XL full set comes with all the gear you will need as a beginner golf and it is all seriously high quality. Again, a little more in price compared to the Wilson Profile SGI complete set, but you’ll notice the difference in the performance of the driver, fairway woods and hybrids.

Read more about the Cobra XL complete set

Buyers Guide

The Wilson SGI complete set are about the lowest price point golf clubs that are of good quality, below this price you tend to get poor quality clubs that will make playing the game harder. Cheaper clubs are also made from lower grade materials, resulting in shafts snapping, club heads denting and the chrome finish wearing off.

If these clubs are out of your price range, check out some second hand golf clubs. Global golf have a good selection of used irons and woods that will offer great value.

Are Wilson Profile SGI clubs good?

As you will have seen in this review the Wilson Profile SGI clubs are great value and a solid choice for beginner golfers shopping on a budget. By paying more for a complete set you will see increased performance and forgiveness in the woods, but for the price the Wilson Profile SGI and the Callaway Strata sets are the best on the market.

Is Wilson a good golf brand?

Historically, Wilson was one of golf’s leading brands. They fell out of the limelight for many years, but since 2005 they have returned with some excellent beginner gear. In recent years they have also made a noticeable push in developing equipment aimed at better players.

They don’t spend as much on marketing as some of the top brands, which often means you get more for your money when buying their equipment.

What does SGI stand for in golf?

SGI stands for Super Game Improve. Clubs in this category are designed with maximum forgiveness in mind, with all design decisions geared towards making the game easy to play.

Wilson Profile SGI complete set – Summary

In summary, the Wilson SGI complete set are a great option for beginner golfers. If money isn’t a worry you could check out the Cobra F-Max complete set for increased performance in the woods. Otherwise, stick with these as a choice – they’ll be a great start for your golfing journey.

Happy golfing – Will @ Golf Insider UK

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